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[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 256GB with 12 Months Samsung AU Warranty - $679 Shipped @ Phonebot


Havent seen a good deal on Note10 plus 256gb lately. If your not fussed buying a preowned one then this is the lowest price with 12 months Samsung local wty (balance of warranty left)

Devices are in like-new condition, come in white boxes with 2.1A fast charger and cable. Not hardware refurbished, battery life>90%

When you add to cart $50 coupon will apply.

All orders placed today will be shipped by Tuesday with signature on delivery. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website or email us at support at phonebot com au. Stay safe and look after each other

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    Devices are in like-new condition
    Not hardware refurbished, battery life>90%

    Shouldn't 'like new' be at 100% ?

    I'd be pissed off if I bought something 'like new', and it was 91%…

    • cosmetically like new.

      • +4

        Can I ask how to check true battery capacity on Android please?

        Is it assumed to be 90+% based on cosmetic condition of phone or has Android implemented a battery life report now?

        • +1

          Samsung battery drains fast after 18 months. I had a note 8 , it's useless now as battery won't last

    • Like new is not new. So 91% for like new is good.

      • +5

        So 91% for like new is good.

        not really, it's pretty crap…

        My 2 yo phone is 90%

        • Samsung S10 Note - Released August 7, 2019.
          So it is, or could be, an almost 2 year old phone?

          • @HiredGoon: I don't have a Samsung

            • +2

              @jv: that's why it's pretty crap

  • +3


    • What'd you call me!?!?!

    • Gronk… the usual ExYnOs comment from someone who's never owned one

    • +8

      Sure, if you run benchmarks and actually give a shit.

      It's perfectly fine for the overwhelming majority of people.

      • +4

        The amount of 'review' opinions based on benchmarks is a joke. It's annoying because it dilutes actual useful analysis for me.

      • +1

        Yep, gotta run Tiktok as fast as humanly possible!

      • -1

        Yeah enjoy lower battery life, throttling when gaming and lower quality images.

        • It's a 2 year old phone, the battery stinks anyway by now.

          As for gaming, I play on consoles and PC. You play your big boy mobile gaming lol.

          Camera, meh.

          Oh yeah, enjoy no warranty.

        • when gaming

          Found the Blizzard rep.

        • Compared to what? I have a note 10 plus and none is relevant to your supposed opinion. Repeating what you hear

          • @LifeStories: Compared to Snapdragon Note 10 plus. Its not my opinion.You wouldn't understand until you would use a snapdragon device.

            By the way if you didn't knew what I was comparing the Exynos to, there's no point arguing with you.

            • @InternetExplorer: Have an exynos note 10 plus d/s now. Battery off charge at 5am, thrashed all day and at 27%. No iphone territory but a full day easy. Should I get a snapdragon to get an extra hour battery life or open an app .3 seconds quicker to lose local warranty? According to you yes, yes I should because sNaPdRaGoN

    • +5

      It's fine on my phone… Note 10 plus. Loving it.

      • +4

        Second that, mine runs beautifully. Plus i got mine at 597 per the telstra deal

      • Not according to others because it's not a snapdragon

  • +5

    It’s not a deal it’s more like using OzBargain to post an ad to clear their outdated phones , not even a brand new phone

  • +2

    I wouldn't buy it even if it's $499.

    • +1

      Not going to lie. I would.

      $499 is actually not that bad a price for a flagship. Yes, it's 2 years old but for my use, it's still pretty good.

  • +2

    The Note series are good phones. I bought a refurb Note 9 recently and it is great, so much of a step up from S series. With Dex I can run outlook and word on a screen so it duplicates my laptop.

    If you are thinking about a Note series this makes it a cheap way to see if it could work for you. S-Pen + Dex makes the Note series one of the most versatile phones. Shame the new ones are $1500+. Don't think there is a huge diference between Note 10 and later models. Maybe fingerprint sensor got better.

  • Alas, I am fussed.

  • Damn got excited getting the notification, would rather buy new

  • +1

    I thought this was quite a decent deal, not great, but decent. The lowest new one was $899 about one month ago. Yes, of course you can find cheaper from Gumtree, Marketplace, but hard to find from a company with ABN.

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