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Taotronics BH094 TWS ANC Headphones $59.99 delivered @ Sunvallley Brands via Amazon AU


Amazon Deal of the Day.

Not the cheapest it's been according to Camel but not a bad deal (33% off)

Just bought BH090 last week, BH094 this week, this will be the third set of Taotronics (also have the BH042 for a couple of years) :)

I'm certainly not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but find their brand great value for the price.

About this item
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: TWS headphones equipped with an inward and outward-facing microphone to cancel 35dB of noise, enabling you to stay focused on what you're listening to – even in noisy settings
Ambient Mode: Simultaneously enjoy music and hear what’s going on around you to stay alert to traffic during a run or airline/subway announcements, TaoTronics products provide 12+18 months warranty to make your every purchase secure
Incredible Music Immersion: 10mm high fidelity dynamic drivers produce sound at different frequencies with great clarity for stunning music
Extended Listening: In-ear stereo headset uses a low power consumption chipset for 8hrs of playtime (with ANC off on a single full charge), extend to 32hrs with the charging case
Unbreakable Connectivity: Advanced Bluetooth 5.1 technology provides faster paring and a stronger connection for skip-free streaming within 15m/50ft

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  • My BH055's arrived yesterday. The max volume is pretty low. Anyone else experience this?

  • I've had these for a couple of months now, pretty decent sound, a bit bigger than your typical wireless earbuds so might be a tight fit for some (took me a month to get used to them).

    ANC is as good as can be expected from a $60 pair of buds, will dampen some background noise but find myself turning it off everytime.

    Touch controls are okay, a lot of functions which require multiple taps or a long press, unfortunately cannot be customised.

    Battery of the bids is great but the case is just enough for 2-3 recharges and when it runs out of the juice the buds turn on whilst in the case, so might end up with a flat pair from time to time.

    Biggest disappointment has got to be the microphone, people always tell me they can't understand me while using those, and most of time will resort to taking them off halfway through a call.

    When using only one bud you lose a quarter of the touch controls including volume up/down depending which one you use.

    A decent pair with some flaws, if I could, would have bought the taotronics 79 which are cheaper and have a better score on Amazon.

  • Grabbed these a couple of weeks ago because i wanted some cheap-ish ANC earbuds for work and have a couple of other TT headphones/earphones in the collection. My personal views:
    * Overall ok for the price
    * sound is good but extremely bottom heavy
    * touch controls are meh
    * ANC wasn't as good as i had hoped, but do an acceptable job combined with the physical noise reduction through the earbuds.
    * I don't use mic so can't comment on quality but the above comment seems typical

    Overall, fine for the price and if you don't want to spend $200+ on Sonys.

  • Bought these and now returning them. Got nowhere near the promised 8 hours of playtime. On a full charge with ANC off, only lasted 4 hours.

    Also the "unbreakable connectivity" isn't. Had the occasional disconnect/reconnect.

  • Ironically, I bought this one a day before this promo for $79
    I'm so damn picky and this earplugs are so goddamn awesome. It's ANC is perfect, you cannot her sh1t from outside.

    Anyways, the promo is gone but if you are looking for something cheap but high quality, this is it.
    I haven't find issue yet.