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Thermocooker $299, Oven $299, Cooktops (Glass or Induction) $299, Deebot OZMO920 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $399 (10/3) @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue. Too lazy to upload and edit the rest.

Robot Vacuum 10/3

Full credit to the Facebook poster. Img

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  • An OzB review on the thermocooker?

    • Buy, try, return within 90 days if not happy.
      Or return under warranty later if faulty.

      As products are rarely exactly the same as in previous sales, past use is not a good prediction of how this model performs.
      By the time someone reviews it, the stock will be gone.

      Aldi rebranded electronics have a poor reputation for quality control.
      Buy 2 & keep the 1 that works best.

      Keep the receipt!

    • Another option is buy one from GUmtree as they come up quite often and regularly have hardly been used

  • Don't bother getting the dishwasher. We bought one last time it was available and it's been repaired once (water wasn't being heated) then failed again. Aldi are arranging a refund. Or neighbour bought the same model and theirs works very poorly.

    No doubt there are many that have no problems with theirs but, to me, the chances of getting a dodgy one are too high.

    • Same experience with the dishwasher

      • Came here looking for a comment on the dishwasher. Bought one last time and it always left the dishes wet. Had to take them out and dry them before putting them away, defeats the purpose.

        Figured it probably wasn't heating the water so just running a cold wash basically

  • Line up outside the store for hours to find out there’s no stock. That’s been the general experience lately.

  • the $299 80L oven with LCD display is a bargain

  • Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for $399 is a bargain.

  • That induction top - it looks suspiciously like the POS induction we have here in the new place that is about to be replaced because it's so bad…

    • Have had the induction cooktop for a couple of years and have had no issues. Got it for $99 on clearance so can’t complain

      • Quite probably a different one this time around, ALDI just grabs the cheapest thing they can find for each cycle, it seems.

  • Anyone know much about the soft drink fridge? Any good?

    • its a wine cooler and basically keeps the temperature around 17 degrees, not really a fridge

      • There are 2 models, if you'd look in the picture :)
        One's a winecooler, another one's a fridge.

        I have one that LOOKS like it, I can only assume they're all the same chinese nonsense rebranded.
        Glass door, black body - It works perfectly , Only flaw is that its NOISY , so FREAKING noisy.

        • yeah youre right, sorry i have the wine cooler and its very noisy, before the compressor packed it in, and cools only to 17 degrees, dont know about the sift drink fridge

        • Thanks, noisy isn't great… At least ALDI has a decent returns policy so might check it out

          • @sp3tsnaz: It's noisy for about 1-2 weeks , once it has some ice formed on it - significantly dampens the noise, like that it's kinda okay for a month or 2 until I defrost it.

            Tho, for the price it's great and it's super stylish which is hot.

        • it's not a fridge, it's a "Chiller". I think it only works on liquids hence why it's a beverage chiller.

          They work differently and not very efficient due to the glass door

          • @tritorius: Well, they call it a chiller, but tbh I put my pills in it, liquid and condensed, they're both super cold.
            Cosmetics? Super cold.
            My yogurt collection? SSUPER HOT (cold)

  • 100% chance some items are “delayed” with no ETA or transparency from Aldi to let the consumer know when the product they advertised is available.

  • Off topic but hoping Aldi fans in Ozbargain community can help. Bought their keys safe on the weekend, plan to bolt it to the side wall outside of my parent's house for emergency, anyone has this and their opinion if it is sturdy/strong enough so burglars can't knock it open to steal the keys ???

    • Best to put in a non obvious position.

      Installed a keysafe brand one for my elderly parents - on brick wall behind plants. No one would know it was there.

      Their carer service had the code & location for emergencies & ambulance could get code from them.

      • Thanks for your advice, much apprecaited.

        • For the keysafe brand ones - there are YouTube vids of how to hack the code. So how sturdy & how well attached doesn't matter much.
          So best that people don't know it's there!

          In years of use - never had an issue.
          But never needed to be used.

          That is until I insisted my Father regularly check he knows the code & how to use it. "I know how to use it!"
          Of course he decided to do that when I was overseas. He didn't know how to close it. And wouldn't ask for help.

          (So make sure clear instructions are left on how to open & lock it!)

          The police were called to break in when the carers could not find him & the key safe was open & keys missing… $400 to replace glass.

          He returned from Dr to find cars & people everywhere. I had given him a mobile so he could be contacted but he refused to use it. He blamed everyone else for his mistake!

          And I received a "Don't worry but.." email in Tokyo, from the carer service!

          (I just buried my spare keys in plastic container in garden.)

  • For those in need of a robot vacuum cleaner, there seemed to be ample stock as of 9am in Aldi Belconnen, Canberra.

  • Went to three Aldis this morning for the vacuum cleaner, what a waste of time! Their miniscule stock was gone in seven seconds! There should be a law about this type of scam to get you into their stores.

    • Some Aldi's had heaps of stock with no one really caring about the robot vac, my local store had a massive line and people running when doors opened - bought a tear to my eye remembering the old days of chasing Aldi TVs on launch days :)

    • Clearly stated as limited stock in catalogs - but there is lots of stock spread across all their stores.

      Not a scam.
      But it is a major marketing strategy used by Aldi wherever they are, to get people into their stores. Known overseas as "Aldi's middle isle".

      My local stores have stock that sits for weeks after sale, but sells out quickly at other stores.

      Knowing which stores to find stock in can be very handy, save time & frustration!

      I gave up on Aldi's "Special Buys™" years ago!
      Quality of products & after sales service is often so bad, customers waste more time & effort than it's worth, more than the money they think they are saving!

    • How is it a scam? It's hardly a surprise when this happens. It's a lottery, everyone knows that.

  • Anyone have experience with the Aldi gas cooktops? Or should I just splurge a bit as its something I use 2/3 times a day.

    I just want a nice indoor wok burner.

  • Scam maybe tough but it is the below from the ACCC:

    Bait advertising is the illegal practice of advertising specific prices (usually special 'sale' prices) on goods that are not available or are available only in very limited quantities (where this limit is not clearly and specifically disclosed).
    False or misleading statements | ACCC

    Bait advertising is illegal and a practice used by Aldi. If that is the case Aldi fit the definition of SCAM.