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Ballistic Hawaiian Haze Pale Ale 4 Pack $13 (Was $21) @ Select Liquorland Stores


Seems cheap I've had a couple and tastes alright for the money they are 1.4 standards with no min buy seems to be instore only

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    Wow good price rate this drop highly

    • Yeah my partner got a 4pack sent to her for free for being a frontline worker was really impressed with the taste

  • Was not a big fan of this drop, not as flavourful as I thought it would be

  • Normal price in north sydney

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    Got a 4 pack of these yesterday. Then they rolled out of the box on the drive home and 2 burst in the back of my car, so that was shit. I really enjoyed the other 2 though.

    • Now your car smells like Hawaii?

  • I think these tase like p!ss. Nice find. Good buy.

    • +3

      Any particular variety of piss that you tased as a point of comparison?

      • All beer is p!ss. I'll let you know once I taste it. The beer, that is! (If you want an appraisal of urine, you'll have to ask Bear Grllys. I would assume that it depends on the process and the ingredients, aka the person's renal function and food and drink intake).

  • I love this beer.

  • That's the same price I paid for some "Ewe Beaut Mid Strength Full Flavour." brewed for Liquorland a couple of weeks back. Mid strength full flavour what I don't really want to know, but I might be able to churn through the last of them if it hits 37C again.

    I haven't got into the hazes yet but it looks like an OK sampler.

  • Normal price at Marrickville. I might try another couple of stores tomorrow.

  • I like this beer. Made real close to my house. Has been on sale at heaps of places close by in the past few months. They must’ve made a lot of em.