Cheap Items to Invest in That Will Increase in Value

Hi people of ozbargain,
I know this is a broad topic but does anyone know of low cost items that are currently low now, but will go up in value over X amount of years? I am looking to make a slow buck or two and don't mind waiting, just don't have funds for large purchases.


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    toilet paper and lockdown

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    If people had such powers where they could see the future everyone would be a millionaire, innit? Invest in knowledge.

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    Toys, Comic Books, Stamps, Coins, Cameras, Records.

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    nintendo 64

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      or follow the trend and buy the cheap console


  • low cost items that are currently low now, but will go up in value over X amount of years?

    1 sats?

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    What's your definition of low cost?

    Maybe you should get into spaceship voyager or raiz*

    *not financial advice. No guarantees of returns. Dyor

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    Index stock fund (share fund) - over the last 100 years, average growth p.a. has been 10%. Obviously individual years can be big positive or big negative and anything in between.

    Put in regularly whatever you can afford (dollar cost averaging); noting markets have recovered from COVID and so are highish.

    Past returns do not guarantee future returns but you get the idea.

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    The lowest cost item that will go up in value exponentially over years is knowledge, so grab an economics textbook.

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      Not if you get dementia.

      • you just need to use that knowledge to make money before dementia sets in.

        • Still gotta remember your internet banking password :P

  • It depends on what your risk appetite is. Cash, shares, cryptocurrency……

  • Dogecoin, to the moon!!!

  • A house in Sydney, they are seriously underpriced at the moment..

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    You might try visiting garage sales. Sometimes people sell items without realising what value they have.

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      Maybe ten years ago. Gotta be really lucky now to find much more than used clothes and old toys ☹️

  • These are trade secrets!

  • items that are currently low now, but will go up in value over X amount of years?

    Tesla shares…..

  • currently low now, but will go up in value over X amount of years?

    Art work (that one day becomes famous!)

  • Your brain/education? All those free Udemy courses…

  • When you factor in the storage costs, and if you rent or are paying for your home in some way then it does cost you to store stuff, then it might not be worthwhile. On all those shows where the guys go around and look for stuff to resell they always want to turn it around as quickly as possible, they don't want to be hanging onto it for years at a time. Though I would buy gold at gold value. It's sure to go up in value, probably, long after the last human to remember what a bitcoin is dies.

  • Gold is on a down trend. Wait to end of the year and may be you can buy 1oz USD 1000. That would be a bargain.

  • join an industry super fund and put money into their low-cost risk return investments.
    eg hostplus lets you choose managed funds at cheap rates.
    or you can use their etfs.
    learn about the economic and business cycles, investment and trading
    look at the returns of asset classes each year.
    they do not repeat themselves.
    what goes up comes down.
    education is necessary.
    Unlike real estate sold by a real estate agent, who says that property will always go up if you do not believe in gravity…
    there is no free lunch in all markets including real estate.
    there is a global recession going on which may take years to resolve.
    learn investing and trading.
    be conservative.
    Always go into conservative options until you understand your risks

  • invest in yourself to earn how to save money.

    paying for ready made meals
    servicing your car yourself ( oil change)
    home maintaince
    the list go on

  • It's not exactly what you're after, but it might be worth chasing sign-up bonuses/referral type bargains.

    There's usually at least a one a week and it's an easy $5 - $50 each week.

    Otherwise as others have mentioned, investments like Spaceship Voyager would allow small transfers without a transfer fee etc. and in theory should rise. Problem with stocks/ETF's are that you'll run into brokerage fees which will definitely kill any possible profit at these low amounts.

  • Bitcoin cheap

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