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Quest Protein Bar/ Protein Cookie Box of 12 $21 (S&S $18.9) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Seems like a decent price ($1.75 or $1.58 with S&S per bar/cookie)

Selected flavours only:
Choc sprinkled doughnut:

Out of Stock:
Choc brownie
Birthday cake
Double choc chunk

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  • +1

    I bought these from Woolies specials a while ago and there were some that I liked and others that I hated their taste, but can't tell which ones were which. Damn!

  • Has anyone tried the peanut butter protein cookie? All other flavours sold out

    • Yes, they’re my favourite, got little peanut butter chunks
      Just note that they’re very chewy, no crunch at all

  • Awesome, bought 1 box of each. (most flavours)

    Some other flavours are there too not linked
    White Chocolate Raspberry
    Peanut Butter Cookie
    Mint Chocolate Chunk

  • Quest cookie in peanut butter is in the deal, but not other flavours.


  • -1

    Dairy based proteins, but has corn fibre so maybe it’ll balance itself out, toilet-wise. I’d feel better if they used vegetable protein instead of whey.

  • Choc sprinkled donut is all gone now too.

  • Birthday cake back in stock, $18.90 a box with S&S

  • +5

    I cant express how disgusting the donut ones are, I personally really hated them.

    • +1

      probably the worse out of all of them. birthday cake is great

      • Damn same

    • Very gross flavour

  • It looks like quite a few are available March 8th for $21 when selecting flavours.

    But to be honest, these aren't great value.

    I just did a search for the P45 and their on sale aswell, MUSASHI P45 Low Carb Salted Caramel High Protein Bar, 12 x 90g for $30, these are better value protein wise.

  • These are honestly the worst protein bars I have ever had. I did not like any of them.

    Highly recommend trying at least one from woolies/coles before buying!

    They all tasted pretty similar to me….crap :)

    • Quest? I'm not a fan
      P45 are not great either, but best value for money protein wise.

      • Should have specified, yup Quest.

        I really rate the "Carb Killa" ones, have not had a bad one of those yet.

        I just saw Quest and was triggered.

        • I think here is tasty proteins bars around, generally not on sale tho and lower protein content.

        • Yeah the quests are a very niche market though.

          Low carb, high protein and non-sugar alcohol.

          Most brands only get 1 out of 3.

    • Have you tried cutting them into smaller pieces and then baking them? Game changer, I buy them to make them into protein cookies.

  • Eeeeew!