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Health Widget | Quick lookup: Your Smart Health Widget.

This app is very new and growing in popularity day by day.
Accurate representations of Apple Health Data(Please check some user reviews. the US only)

This app is Widget based: 

Monitor your Steps, Walking & Running distance, Floor Climbed, Sleep, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Sleep using widget. This widget will motivate you to reach your daily goals like Steps, Walking & Running distance, Floor Climbed etc.


  • Total 8 widgets.
  • Auto reloading widgets
  • You can monitor and compare with targeted footsteps on a daily basis.
  • Today Heart rate information.
  • Today Heart Rate Variability.
  • Monitor your today sleep analysis. Time in bed and Time Asleep.
  • Monitor your Floor Climbed count.
  • Monitor your Total walking + Running distance.
  • Quick look date & time into the widget
  • Multicoloured 20 themes.

This app will read daily data like steps, heart rate, running distance, floor climbed, sleep from Apple's Health app.
This app only reads data from Apple's Health app. There is no modification of data.
Let's enjoy.

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  • Hey op is there a way to change the units to km? I see distance in miles everywhere.

    Edit: there seems to be an option buried under app->settings->set distance target->change to km


    Yes. Go to settings. Tap Distance to change km/mi and then save

  • I actually really like how you included the custom widgets for the date. Nice little touch. Thanks