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86400 March Referral Bonus | $10 for Both Referrer and Referee | Refer 5 People in March and Get Merch Pack


The neobank 86400 have increased their sign up offer for the current month to $10 for both parties plus a $50 merch pack for those that make 5 referrals. Their socks are decent - not sure what is in the merch pack but they state $50 value.

This is in response to the recent Merch referral bonus by Up Bank. Seems they are playing a tit for tat game.

I've banked with them for the past 18 months, so here are some random thoughts:

App is convenient, but not as detailed as Up bank
There is no web app
They have joint accounts
The interest rate is 1.2% but has fallen in line with the other neobanks. However you can have multiple 50k accounts where the bonus is applied.
In order to activate the bonus interest, you only need to deposit 1k per month and that is a simple requirement to meet.
They have recently been purchased by NAB and will be integrated with UBank

Answers to a lot of the questions in the comments can be found here:
86400 FAQs(86400.com.au)

How the referral program works:

Where do I enter the code?
- Once you've downloaded the app, make sure you enter the invite code you received on the 'About you' screen during the sign up process.

Invite codes can be found in the "Random" code generator button at the bottom of this post.
- You can add your own code by clicking 'edit' on the right side of the generator

I've signed up - what next?
- Put some money into your account by making a transfer from any other Australian bank account. You'll find your BSB and account number in the app.
- Then, go treat yo'self (i.e. make a purchase) using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay or your 86 400 Visa Debit card by 31 March 2021

Referral Links

Referral: random (1110)

Referrer and referee receive $10 after first purchase.

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  • I signed up on the last promo and experience has been kind of garbage tbh - have rung them twice now chasing the promo which still hasn't been credited, google pay didn't work either so I had to wait for the card which took ages to come as well

    • Did you have the same problem as me where you go tap your phone using google pay and it doesn't works which prompt me i have a bad card.?

      • Nah, just wouldn't let me add to google pay without a physical card.. No button to do it.

  • is this a bank or advertisement for an app? cant tell from their site.

  • If ya want a good neobank go with UP

    • Agree that Up is a good alternative. They don’t offer joint accounts yet and their interest rate is now 0.7% compared to 1.2% (at current time) for 86400

      • I signed up with 86400 late last year as I was going to use it to fund Crypto.com coin purchase and apply for their card. I didn't in the end, thankfully - but 86400 CS was terrible. They advertised ability to instantly add card to apple pay without a physic card but functionality did not work (my phone was an iPhone 7 plus) I spent at least 40 minutes with them with their 'tech support' - they guy seemed like a local but his response was well it works on HIS PHONE - he had an ANDROID). Asked me to reset phone, reinstall app, add funds to account and nothing worked.

        Went with UP, instantly worked lol.

        • I registered new account both 86400, Xinja and Up at the same time. 86400 stuck in the middle of identification and was forgotten, Xinja offered good interest and debit top-up to meet 5-purchase-quota of Up. Such a pity Xinja was dead but Up is still my main transaction account. Their app and CS are selling points making me stay, despite the decreased interest rate.

        • Once you added the card to Apple Pay, you can see the last digit of your card, then go back to App and activate your card by entering the numbers.

    • or both? it's free money

    • Up interest rate is 0.7% and the app isn't even good

      • There's more to a bank account than the interest rate. Look at how xinja did - offering the highest rate with a bare set of features.

        • Interest rate is biggest factor in a bank account for most people. There's also ease of use. And Up is not one of them.

          • @ham12: Except that ease of use is rather subjective. I have both, and I found Up is easier for me. The balance would refresh right away on Up when the app is opened, where on 86400, have to close & reopen to see the balance.

            • @hanofee: Pull to refresh works fine in 86400 for updating the balances, but I still agree with you that the Up app is easier/better.

              It’s just the criteria to get the bonus interest that’s much easier with 86400; on the first day of each month I transfer $1000 out of my 86400 account and back in, which is enough to trigger the bonus rate for the month. For Up you have to make 5 card transactions then wait for it to be verified before you get the bonus.

              I know most people make a purchase with split payments using their Up card to get around that, but still seems like a lot of effort in comparison.

              • @MitchyD1989: Thanks for the pull trick, will try. Still on Up, u don’t even need to do that :). I don’t use high interest saving though, so not commenting on that part. Anyway, I have both, as surprisingly some website sometimes accept 1 and not the other card, so good to have both

  • Offer for new sign up hasn't changed, just benefit referrers like myself. Don't see that as more of than the standard deal?

    • Agree same offer as usual for the new sign up

    • thanks for confirming because I was confused for a bit, was sure the $10 was the standard rate…

      the threshold of what constitutes a deal is getting lower these days..

  • i'm curious. what happens if you lose/break your mobile phone. you lose access to your money?