Sofirn BLF LT1 LED Outdoor Camping Lantern with Batteries A$73.99 Delivered @ Sofirn AliExpress


Bought one from Amazon a little while back for a bit over $100. Really nice lantern for camping use or just as a backup during blackouts. Has a top mounted metal hook, very wide colour tempterature/brightness control. Feels sturdy and wellmade. Tonnes of different lighting modes, Rechargable via USB C.
last deal was posted at $98

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  • Best camp light I have ever bought. The light goes for hours, my only issue is that they try to do too much with the button options.
    I think you can do up to 6 (or 7)consecutive button presses to choose an option. It's like doing morse code.
    You can't possibly remember all the button options so you need to bring the manual wherever you take the light. But man it's a bloody good light!!

    • I'm sure I saw DBSAR had the cheat sheet printed and rolled up in the battery tube. I use the beacon when I'm out prawning so I can see my beach spot, works great. The fading timeout candle is cool too.
      I'm still waiting for the orange ones.

    • One button on torches limits functions. Anduril UI isn't too bad.

    • Most functions are just a couple of presses.

    • Once you learn arundil you'll never go back… Had a lumintop fw3a with that firmware and found it great once I learnt it..

  • How are you getting that price? And why this seller vs others?

    • Do other sellers have it cheaper?

      • This seller's product is priced at $80, so not sure about the OPs price. Others are about $81 but offer better free shipping methods. I'm trying to work out if this is really a bargain or the normal price via AliExpress.

        • The seller is Sofirn Official Store. Same seller has Beamax Lighting. Pretty sure it's the guy BLF worked with to create the product.

        • I see $78.69… Click with batteries, china, & black to get the price…

          Good point about the shipping, possible June delivery, ouch!

  • Bought a couple in black in Jan and another two - green and brown - for $83 (inc batteries) each with store discount - a week ago. Sofirn official store and Beamax Lighting are the same seller but MAY offer different prices/deals.

    Very handy gifts for the right person. Only neg is the recharge time (~15 hours) as it takes a max of 5W/2A. Good thing is that the lantern has inbuilt protection so should be safe to leave connected without attention while charging. Will run off 1,2,3 or 4 batteries or a powerbank (via the USB C connection). You can use higher mA nipple-top batteries (eg but there's no advantage in high drain varieties (because its a low drain device).

    Manual is not an easy read if you're a muggle but found some very handy videos which explain things well. (from designer DBSR)

    Two cases which apparently fit this lantern perfectly below. Can confirm the more expensive Xanad fits beautifully:
    Xanad case
    Cheaper Twister case

    • Thanks for the info.
      Are you able to put up the link to the Xanad case as the link seems to be dead, well for me at least anyhow?

      • Link is fixed now.

        • Many thanks Hamza.

          SorryPL, didn't check the links.

          Search for 'Xanad case for JBL FLIP 4' if you want to check prices elsewhere.

          Other brand cases should also fit the lantern as should cases for different speakers (eg case for JBL Charge 4). Very likely many cases for JBL Flip or Charge speakers will do the job, with room for instructions, cables etc at one end as per the images.

          You might need to add a little foam if you don't want it moving around. I used the egg foam padding which came with the LT1 to make it nice and snug in the Xanad case.

          Lantern dimensions are 18x7x7cm or 7x2.75x2.75 inches.

          Good luck!

  • Great lantern. I have two from when first released. Great bedside light. Will get one in orange when it's available. UI has complexities but basic function is straight forward. FWIW, previous deal @ $98 was via Amazon Australia stock so this deal is lower cost for longer delivery time.

  • Have you guys ever tried Montbell? It's super compact and pretty bright, but I like that it runs on AA batteries:

    Review (in japanese):

    There are also battery bank versions.

  • This one's dropped another ~$AUD10 if anyone is interested.