This was posted 7 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off BlackVue Dash Cams (DR900X-2CH-32 $621.75, DR750X-2CH-32 $471.75) @ Repco


Just noticed Repco have 25% off BlackVue dash cams, not as cheap as it was in December but it's not that bad. I don't believe it's being advertised anywhere and you only see the discount after adding to cart. These dash cams also appear in their catalogue starting Wednesday but it's only $50 off so these prices will likely end tomorrow.

Model Was Now Save
DR900X-2CH-32 $829 $621.75 $207.25
DR750X-2CH-32 $629 $471.75 $157.25
DR750X-1CH-32 $429 $321.75 $107.25
DR590-1CH-32 $269 $201.75 $67.25
Power Magic Pro* $69 $51.75 $17.25

*Not required for X Series models.

The cart also says these products are excluded from the Show Your Card and Save discount.

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  • +1

    Great work…..purchased a 750X-2CH

    I've been keeping an eye out for a deal on these since the beginning of the year!

  • +5

    Perfect timing, thanks!
    Bought a car today and the dealer tried to sell me DR750X-2CH-32 for $1300 installed.

    • +1

      Jeez, three times the price.

    • +1

      For the non technical people, like me, do you install it yourself? How long does it take? Or do you pay someone else to install?

      • +1

        I paid someone $150 to hardwire it for me. Found on FB marketplace/Airtasker

      • +3

        It's very easy to install, plenty of guides on Youtube. Just take your time running the cables around the trims. Paid for professional install first time round but won't do that again now I know how easy it is.

        • +6

          Depends too on what sort of car you have. I installed my first Blackvue dual camera setup easy enough, which I hardwired but that was in a sedan where I ran the wire to the rear camera along the rubber door trims etc.

          I recently went to install a Blackvue dual camera setup in my wifes CX9 and I took a look at it went stuff it - I'm paying someone else to do it. Too many airbags to worry about and getting the wiring into the rear tailgate looked like a nightmare.

          The guys who install these for a living have generally pulled apart every sort of make & model there is and know exactly where to pull when undoing trim panels etc. The easiest & quickest way to run the wire to the rear camera in the CX9 was straight through the roof liner.

          • @tight-ass: If you are worried about airbags on the CX9 you can run the cable along the bottom door sill/protector. Which will run the cable along the factory wires.

            • +1

              @Deuce: That is what I done on the cx5, was quite easy.

              • @PerthectDeal: Same.. CX5 install was a peace of piss. The only annoying bit was pushing the plug for the rear camera through the rubber hose between the roof and the rear tailgate, but again it was just a mater of patience and pushing it through 10mm at a time.

      • +2

        You have to make sure the wires run behind the air bags.. Otherwise you'll get a nice whip to the face if you're in an accident

        • lol good point

      • Bought a DR900x 2CH. First ever dashcam. Installed it myself just looking on google and a couple of youtube vids. It's not that hard a job. You don't need any technical knowledge just as long as you're patient and not a total unco (though I find those two characteristics are all you need to do most technical stuff around the car/house). You will need to buy a couple of fuse taps from repco/supercheap to hardwire it.

  • Cheers bought a 750X-2CH as I have been waiting too :)

  • +30

    I'll just buy another car, it pretty much costs the same as what I drive anyway 😂

  • Thanks for sharing, was trying to get one at the weekend but blackvue was only 5% off with auto club cards

  • If you include installation cost I can pay my insurance excess three times for the cost of the $621 one.

    • Depends on how much your vehicle is worth.

      My old falcon I wouldn't get a dashcam but my new 4x4 I think it's worth it, even if I do have insurance.

      • +1

        You can always get a cheap dash cam, but the expensive one usually had higher chance capture the details at night, would be helpful in the hit and run or the other party lies.

        • -4

          However expensive it won't help you get the number plate in majority of cases. Your iPhone 4 even has better chance of doing that

    • +6

      Yeah but then every time you see something 'DASHCAMS AUSTRALIA!'-worthy you'd be kicking yourself.

  • Got a 750X-2CH :) Been waiting for this, was only 5% off for Feb.

    Don't forget Cashreward for an extra 2% cashback. $462.32 after cashback.

  • When I click the link, it shows dash cams with different prices. Even their original prices do not match. Do I have to apply any discount code?

    • Did you add to your cart like OP said above?

      • I just realised that it is because of my location. Although I am living in rural area and we got our local repco, it is charging extra $48.

        Yes you are right, I got discount after adding my cart. Thanks for you hint!

        • All good I did the same thing :)

  • +5

    Wow, I thought the decimal point was in the wrong spot!

    • +1

      Get real mate. These aren't worth $6.2k!

      • +5

        I think my dashcam was about $60 so I'm a bit stunned at the price of these.

        • You and me both mate, you and me both

  • nextbase seem to be discounted as well. might give that a try.

  • Damn they're expensive compared to one of the $60 chinese blueskysea ones. I've had a cheapy for about 4 years and it's still running alright

    • +3

      You get what you pay for. I've had a blueskysea and It didn't last 1 year before it started having issues.

  • +1

    Please take this notice, getting 750X-2CH, will record every one minute per file.

    • So you’re saying that every minute it records 60 seconds of footage?

  • My 900 gets so hot.. Even at night! It feels like it'll burn the SD Card! Not sure if that's normal or not

    • Use this SamSung High Endurance card, white color card!

      • +1

        Will that make any difference to the temperature of the camera though?

        • High Endurance card can survive with a 4K dash cam!

    • Thats normal, my a129 plus which is only 1440 gets pretty hot too. Maybe consider sticking a little fan on it. Means I'll need to find a way to power the fan though….

  • Damn, bought a DR750X-2CH-32 for $600 not long ago

  • Cheers mate. Just grabbed a 750X
    Been eyeing a new dash cam for a while now. Was going for Transcend but I like the Blackvues more.

  • +1

    Finally getting a replacement for my 650s that has saved me more than once in accidents. Wanted the 900x but settled on 750x.. thx op

    • +2

      From what I've read online, the 750X is actually the better of the 2 models, particularly with footage at night

      • +1

        Had a look at some comparisons. The 4k really does bring out some more details, especially in moving traffic. The wider viewing angles is nice as well. $150 extra isn't worth it though!

        The 750x does have a higher operating temp/cut off temp tho, according the the blackvue website. Which would be good for AUS users, I guess.

  • thanks! Just bought a 750X-2CH and the powerplus battery :)

    • +1

      You don’t need the power magic pro with the 750x

      • Why don't you need power magic pro is it built inside or something?

        • +2

          You can hardwire the camera directly into the battery/fusebox. It has its own power management that cuts off when voltage is low.

          I'm going to be putting mine into my PMP anyway since it's already installed and just set the PMP to "always on". Can't be bothered taking everything apart again.

  • Holy shit. And here was I thinking my VIOFO A119S was the only way to go. Seems like I need a refresh.

    • +1

      Nothing wrong with Viofo, get the 2 channel model and you will never look back.

      • The VIOFO rocks. How can this BlackVue be THAT much better?

        • AFAIK they have the same STARVIS Sensor.

  • Price went back up ?

    • nvm added to cart and discount shows

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got a 750x

    Can anyone please recommend a SD card to be used on this cam?

    • +2

      Samsung Endurance pro

      • Can I just use the SD card included in the package for cost saving?

  • +1

    Can anyone comment on night recording quality? Thanks

    • as expensive as they are… Im expecting quality.

  • +4

    wow why these dash cameras are so expensive?

  • What do some of you recommend? 750 @ 1080p or the 900 @ 4K?

    • You can change to 1080p60 with 900X, I believe.

    • I'd prefer not to have a 1080 camera. 4k is a bit expensive though, need to consider memory card size too. Go 4k and drop the res to something lower like 1440?

    • +1

      4K is unnecessary. I got the 750 and the quality is just as good as it is nightvtime

  • Awesome! Got 2 x 900X dash cams.

    I have the 900S from a previous sale, which was much better as it was ~40% off plus stacked with an RAA number.

    This one is still a great deal though considering it's the current model and the 900S is discontinued.

  • Ordered DR750X-2CH-32. I will see how it differs to Blueskysea.

  • Wondering whether it’s worth waiting for Easter sale and hopefully they bring back their Repco 30% sale.

  • How does it differ to the Blueskysea?

    • bmw AMG vs holder barina. Yes both can take you to point A-B but you get my point.

      • +1

        bmw AMG

        So one doesn't exist?

        • bmw, amg now it exist. fck im dumb

  • Anyone found the BlackVue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Dash Cam Battery Pack at an affordable price?

  • Thanks OP!

    Now we need a deal on the Samsung Endurance Pro 128gb.

    Can anyone also confirm that you only need 1 SD card for the dual-channel (front and rear) version?

    • +2

      Can anyone also confirm that you only need 1 SD card for the dual-channel (front and rear) version?

      Correct. The cable that you run from the front camera to the back camera carries both the power and video signal.

      • Perfect, thank you!

  • can u recommend which one to go for , i am little confused.Also how does it compare to Viofo 129pro? Can some one help me decide pls

    • +1

      I would go for blackvue because of 2yrs warranty with brick and mortar store.

    • +1

      YouTube shows viofo being clearer.

      I got the 129plus duo which was $225, video is good. Still hard to make out number plates unless they're straight ahead but definitely better than a 1080 camera. File size is 763mb per 5min at 1440 60hz, h265 and 20mbps bitrate. 4k file size would be significantly larger.

      Only been installed for a couple days so can't comment on how long it'll last though and whether they will honour warranty though.

      • Is your buffered parking mode working? Read it on sometimes it's working and most of the time not. Cheers

  • Is the rear camera really worth it?
    I was considering the front 750X, but is the rear one worth it?

    • +1

      I would said 20%, 80% for the front, something like hit and run, or claiming that you revise into them. Also very useful for parking mode.

    • +1

      Definitely get rear and hardwire for parking mode or at least find a way to power it up. I installed mine in hindsight, car was parked and some ass hit the back. Massive dent and got quoted $2000 plus so paid $900 for excess. Rear cam plus parking mode would have captured it.

  • Any recommendations for a installer around St Kilda / South Melbourne cheers

    • Also interested in a similar area. Let me know if you get any quotes

      • Had a quote for $350 at No Limit Car Sound Vision. Will keep looking i think

  • There’s a 750 on clearance. Is this different to the 750x? Do I need the power magic pro for either of these?

    • PMP built in on 750x. Other than that I think the only difference is that 750x can use the optional LTE adapter.

  • Oops didn't read entire post, noticed PMP not required for X models. Purchased the 900x and PMP should I return the PMP or are there other benefits?


  • It appears the price is different for different states, DR750X-2CH Sydney price is $471, Hobart $507….

    If I was buying one I'd try setting my store as a Sydney store, then pay the $10 shipping, may work?…

  • Gaaaaahhh!! I picked up a 750x only over a week ago!!! :-(

  • Can't seem to get it to show any discount this morning:( Any tricks to apply or do you think this promo has ended?

    • +2

      Ended it has. Regrets I have.

      • I can't see the discount either. :(

      • Same:( Massive …. that will teach for being sloppy and not doing my usual daily search of OB. Have been hunting for these to be on special for a couple of months:(

  • Is this expired?
    Even after adding to cart and going to checkout the price is still the same.

    • Sadly yes looked like it:(

  • +1

    I’ve never had a dash cam but they intrigue me. In my mind, though, they only seem to have the novelty of catching the dumb sh*t people do on the roads or meteors falling from the sky and posting them online, Apart from that, has anyone actually been able to use cam footage for what’s it’s sold to the public for? Namely, defend yourself in the case of a traffic incident.

    • +1


      Been saved before!