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Sony HTS350 2.1ch 320W Soundbar and Wireless Sub $299.40 Delivered + More Deals @ Myer


Another Daily deal From Myer who currently have Up to 40% Off Sony Audio. All other places are around $340 on Special for the Soundbar.

Sony HTS350 2.1Ch 320W Soundbar and Wireless Sub $299.40 Delivered (Was $499)
Up to 40% Off Sony Audio
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30% Off Polariod, Fujifilm & Moki

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  • Is this any good??

      • Recommendations for same price sir?

        • The 'Under $500' tab at the top would be what you're after.

          • @ToastySteve: More info for pandabargain: There's a few models there that you can't get in Australia (as rtings is a US-focused review site with prices in USD), such as the Vizio brand items (which is not ideal, as they take out the top 2 spots for "mixed usage" under US$500).

            The 3rd rated one (Klipsch Cinema 600) does not have many sellers here, so it's also expensive - it's usually $795 to $1095 at Harvey Norman: https://pricehipster.com/product/QgyNY-8qVzXheb5FafEo3A~B17F...

            But if you want one now and could add another $100, then the 4th best one for mixed usage is a viable option. You could get the Samsung HW-T650 Soundbar from local retailers for less than $399: https://pricehipster.com/?q=Samsung%20Series%206%20HW-T650 (currently $395 at Bing Lee, and I'm almost certain you could price match JB or Harvey Norman or Appliances Online to that price).

            Or if you can be patient, set a price watch on that model for $360 (which is what I've done). Until then I will work on convincing my better-half to tolerate a subwoofer (she wants an all-in-one unit for aesthetics, whereas I want a good value setup with decent sound - so further discussion required). It's been down to $333 before at Appliances Online, but you can't set an automated price alert on Appliances Online (retailer not currently supported by Prino or Price Hipster), and $355 at JB Hifi (with 10% off code).

    • If you're still wondering, this works well for TV and movies with rumbling bass when you turn it to max on the remote. Compared to the TV speakers, it makes bass actually audible and voices way clearer.

      My grandparents have it paired with an X800H, eARC works really well turning it on and off with the TV. Although it was purchased for $220 box-damaged from Sony eBay - nothing comes close at that price, where it can be hard to find a good 2.1 soundbar without a subwoofer. Box was slightly worn in one corner and the soundbar was new, no issues whatsoever.

  • Can you wall mount this?

  • I have this. It's OK - certainly better than the sound out of the TV itself, but not by a lot. IMO, over priced even at $299

    The sub is basically useless. Even on max volume it's barely audible at all - like you basically have to put your head against it to hear it. Mine got unplugged accidentally and was probably disconnected for a month and we didn't notice.

    • Thanks for your feedback bud but honestly sounds like you have a faulty sub if you can barely hear it. I have a $170 Samsung One and The Sub at Max is crazy :)