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Dorf Chrome Ren Shower Mixer $27.50 + Delivery (Drive & Collect/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Found this deal online. It appears this is available in all states and in stock at my local store. Pretty good price compared to competitors on the market.

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  • I bought the dorf ren bath and sink mixers and shower mixers about a month ago.

    They seem good.

  • Thanks OP! bought two. Cheers

  • I got these at $13 on their marked down table a few weeks ago.

  • Is dorf a good brand?

  • I'm pretty handy but the idea of swapping out a wall mixer scares me. Might need to check some youtube videos.

    • • To lay groundsheet throughout entire shower, if any rubble or debris finds it way down the drain
      and causes a blockage the plumber will be held responsible
      • To remove tiles by cutting INSIDE of the grout lines to minimize re-tiling on completion
      • To jackhammer wall and remove existing breech/mixer set-up
      • NOTE: Whilst we take the utmost care in jackhammering walls, unfortunately we cannot be responsible
      for any possible patch works that may be encountered due to brittle walls and this may be charged
      as extra in the unlikely event damage occurs.
      • To supply and install new shower/bath mixer
      • To re-cement wall in preparation for tiling
      • On completion cover the area with plastic should the tenant/client wish to continue to use their shower
      until tiling has been completed
      • To test thoroughly and provide before and after photo’s

      • sounds terrifying!

        • Daunting isn't it? It's definitely one of those jobs that tips on favour of getting someone in to do it (which you must do anyway as it's a plumber only job, at least in WA). I've done it in the UK and it's definitely not a small job and would require learning a lot of new skills for many people.

        • Stopped reading at "jackhammer"…

  • Thinking of getting one and doing some DIY? Have a look at DingoBlue's post above then read this https://gwa-prod-pxm-api.s3.amazonaws.com/pdf/15590_6482.04_...

    Still thinking about DIY?

  • Thanks OP, got some.

  • Taps and spout in our en suite shower are on a wall that backs onto a built-in closet in a bedroom. Thus it was a no-brainer that access would be much easier from the non-shower side of the wall. Doing this meant that access to the shower's water pipes could be done with zero impact on both the grout and tiling of the shower and the waterproofing underneath the tiles.

    Before cutting into the plasterboard at the back of the cupboard, I checked out options for panel access doors, because making my cuts to neatly install one of these made the clean up much simpler, given I would thus have to do zero patch-plastering, sanding and painting, and would have on-going access to these pipes.

    However, if you take this option, make sure that you have a good seal where the mixer protrudes through the tiles and into the wall cavity, and open this panel every six months to check there is no sign of moisture penetration nor any mould within the wall cavity.

    Some access panel options: https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/building-hardware/buil...