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Vuly Flare Trampoline (Medium) $599 + Free Shade and Shipping @ Vuly


Probably not the cheapest ever. But still a good price.
All models comes up with shade (free).

Previous comments suggest that shade is not holding long.

All of them are on sale and cheaper models got ladder free as well.

But Thunder(XL) is on good price.

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  • just keep waiting a little longer. I bought my Flare trampoline around november last year, and had to wait 2 months for it to drop to 499. They do specials every week or 10 days) so make sure you keep going back to the site after the current offer period to see if a better offer is there.

    I even posted this as a deal back then: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580004

    • Thanks a lot. I had ato buy one for my daughter for her Birth day now. But good tip for the others.

  • Beware Vuly. I bought the M Frame when it was on deal and it was a pain in the ass. Nothing fit together well, had to get a mallet and chuck of wood to get things to fit. The structure is robust but far out it’s a pain. Their customer service is also really pretty poor.

    • My experience was totally different. I was able to put together the M Flare trampoline all by myself. I even got confused at some point and had to disassemble half of it and then do it again, but other than that no big problems. There are some videos on youtube on how to put them together if that helps

      • The guy on the video putting it together must be superman pulling them springs in with 1 arm. It takes a bit of force to hook each one on.
        I did it myself as well but i wouldn't call it easy, it took several hours.

        • Lift model L frame took me ~2hrs Christmas morning before the kids woke up. That including fitting every spring twice because I was one hole out on first attempt. Only gripe was the lack of printed instructions. Springs are easy with the right technique

  • their 2 minute keynote video has probably 2 seconds of people actually using the trampoline lol

  • We bought a vuly tramp about 7 yrs ago and it's still rock solid. Had to change the safety net and the shade to their new mesh version 2yrs ago, but the frame and mat itself are still in excellent condition. It's the one thing our kids have consistently played with over the years.

    • Our frame and mat are fine after 3yrs, but the shade only lasted 1yr before deteriorating to shreds, padding started cracking after 1yr and our 7yo just put his bare foot through the side wall. The fabrics just don't hold up to UV at all in my experience.

      But, that overlapping door design is bloody fantastic. Other trampolines with zipped doors (that kids dont close) are an accident waiting to happen.

      • Yea the original shade material disintegrated in under a year, but the new version is great. Maybe ours has held up cos it's under a tree so doesn't get beaten by the UV for first half of the day.

  • I got a Vuly Flare (L) for the kids for Christmas - at this stage would not recommend to others. At more than twice the price of the Kmart equivalent we previously had the Vuly build quality is worse, I've replaced a few parts under warrantly already, and the safety netting and shade cover are not taut enough.

  • TLDR: Wouldn't buy one, don't think it's going to last + too expensive for replacement parts.

    We got given one. Dont know how old it is (Vuly 2) but it's totally not made to be in the sun. The safety mat around the edge that covers the springs split under my weight (90kg). One of the straps up the very top broke (thankfully enough was left to use a tie down strap from bunnings to fix it). Both of these caused by sun damage.

    The webbing around the door is totally frayed and cactus - doing nothing. My wife has stitched ours together with a carabiner and key ring loop put through the thickest parts of the webbing. Seems OK for very young kids but wouldn't hold for an adult.
    The mesh net has also pulled away from the base in some spots.
    The door is also fricking tiny if you're a tall person.

    The replacements parts? Not cheap.

    • Have the older model (don't think they sell this one anymore). Kept in the sun, expect most components to go and need replacing several times. They used to do 1/2 price parts, not sure that still the warranty offer or not.

      About 6yrs old so in general its lasted, nothing seems to last in our harsh weather conditions so factor that in.
      Neighbours have replaced theirs twice in that time with a cheaper model (the mats are problematic it seems). So vuly is definitely a better outcome.

      Replaced the outside net twice, the second one went really quick and still in use, just. The pole cords that hold the net lasted about 6months before the rope breaks under UV. Bought a bulk lot to replace them as they go. Interesting the original ones lasted well, the replacements didn't go anywhere near as long.

      Outside spring protector mat replaced twice, again second one went even quicker and barely hanging together.

      Springs rusted enough that surprised they haven't snappesd yet.

      Frame still ok, signs of some corrosion but still safe.

      Mat itself going strong.

      Basketball add-on, eventually the adapter that holds bends so its one a lean. No real way to fix this. I suspect adding this has contributed somewhat to elements of the net being under stress.

      Waiting for either the mat or enough springs to go and its off to the tip, and a replacement, likely another Vuly.

  • how come the price keeps going up and down with this brand

  • Would check product review on Vuly a lot of unhappy customers, comparing them to likes of springfree is like night and day

  • Over priced products with poor build quality. The parts were just a rip off.