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[QLD] Avocados $0.09 (Limit of 10 Per Person) @ Coco's Annerley


Hi all, Brisbane Based People

I just went by Sams Coco's and they had advertised 9c Avocados! I can confirm they are pretty small in size but for 9c ! I got my 10 :) plenty left now ^_^

310 Ipswich Road, Annerley 4103.

Photo's of stock https://imgur.com/gallery/a1xV1TR



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  • thats good…

  • woah thats cheap

  • Did they deliver to Sydney? Can anyone please conform ..πŸ˜‚

  • Smashed Avocados on toast.
    Buying your First home.

    Pick 1, millennials.

  • Coming there by car from Melbourne, hopefully it's not finished when I get there.

  • Probably a waste of money. I bought some recently for $1 each (elsewhere) and they never ripened, tried putting them in a paper bag etc.

    At that price it's obviously worth the gamble, but have your expectations in order

    • You're missing the banana in the paper bag. I get cheap avos (+ a banana) all the time from Paddy's Market Sydney.

      • Did that too. Didn't work after probably a week.

        There's better yield in the more expensive avos like Hass and even shepherds work well.

        If you have a source where they actually ripen, then that's good.

        • https://australianavocados.com.au/about-avocados/

          "It’s the plant hormone ethylene, which occurs naturally in fruits like apples and bananas, that triggers the ripening process."

          It's always worked for me. I don't even use a paper bag, I use the plastic ones from the market. Just leave them sitting together and it'll ripen up in a couple of days, depending how ripe the avo is already. Should mention I only buy Hass and Shepard. I've never seen any other varieties for sale.

          • @ippy: I could be wrong but I think the ones that don't say hass or Shephard are the cheapies.

            Anyway, Hass isn't in season right now, maybe that's what they're selling.

  • Smashing job op.

  • crap, where did the free cricket post go? damn

    OK fine I'll go get some avocadoes instead

  • How do they taste OP? Been to Cocos a few times over the many many years and don't like that place… Prices are through the roof for most things compared to other fruit markets around the area. Why are they even selling laundry powder and other household crap? They have lost sight of their business direction IMHO…

    • They are quiet firm only some are I felt were soft, yet to try them but for $0.90 for the bunch I got.. you know ;) you get what you pay for! heck even somtimes I buy from Coles the frozen avocado diced and that's $4 for a 500gm bag

  • If this was in Melbourne near st Kilda there would be a stamped of people

  • Can you pls weigh your 10 and give us an indication of price per kg. In Sydney's North Shore, my local Asian grocer (would you believe) has had it for $4/kg and $5/kg for a few months in bags > 1kg. Very ripe saveme ones at my local Harris Farm have been around $3/kg if you can find any.

  • Brb, going to build first home with avo

  • I love sam cocos

  • I'd buy 100 and then might have a chance one is actually ready to eat

  • 10 avocados or house deposit…hhrrmmm πŸ€”

  • they are so small it is not worth your time

  • Should get some more plus to reach 100.. got some this morning.

    not small just just have to select the right ones. either way 10 for 80c is great. The green skin ones do ripen up surprisingly fast.
    obviously not my preferred hass, but not paying $3 and most are small anyway

    the prices of the other stuff is good too, saves going to Rocklea really

  • Soo much smashed avo πŸ˜…