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4WD Remote Control Car - XinleHong 9125 - US$83.27 (~A$106.27) Delivered @ Banggood


After constant frustrations of the cheap big-chain store junk, i looked around for a good entry level hoby RC Car that can keep me and kids entertained. Has good reviews (https://hobbiesdirect.com.au/blog/best-rc-cars-for-beginners) and spares available. Seems to be good price for AU stock.

Features: Top Speek 46kmph, Twin powerful 380 sized brushed motors, IPX4 waterproofing, 4WD, steel driveshafts & axles, ball bearings, 2.4Ghz remote controller, 7.4v LiPo battery

Also sold is Aus under Tornado RC Brand - https://www.hobbyco.com.au/1-10-ipx4-4wd-brushed-monster-tru... or https://www.mrtoys.com.au/remote-control-models/remote-contr...

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  • Anyone recommend the Axial scx24 as a first RC crawler?

    • We have two SCX10’s for a little father-son time.

      Great kits, I really enjoyed the build of both. Not our first RC’s, but our first crawlers. Solid little trucks that take a beating.

      Haven’t seen an SCX24 in the flesh, but looks like a shrunk down SCX10 to me!

  • Lost me at brushed motor.

    • Yep. I wouldn’t have gone brushed 10 years ago let alone today. Hard pass.

    • Rather dreadlock motors?

    • Brushed motors still have their place, especially for crawlers due to their low speed responsiveness. Sensored brushless motors rectify this somewhat but they don't like dirt and water.

      Traxxas Summit still uses a big stonker of a brushed motor and that was my favourite truck. 2 speed transmission and lockable diffs. Good fun.

      Haven't been into RC for years though so things may have changed.

      This looks more like a basher though, so you're correct, brushless would be desirable for this one.

  • Mine is dead only 5 or 6 runs. Not recommended.

  • I got the this from eBay for my little man and it’s been amazing. It is brushed but after reading the review I bit the bullet and we are 100% satisfied.


  • I have 3 of these and are great fun at the park with the kids. Like anything with moving parts if you maintain them they operate great and have some longevity. Super important to grease the diffs as they come with very little from the factory. I also upgraded the standard shocks to oil filled so damage from jumps are no issue. I also upgraded the battery to a 5000mah so get about an hour running time.

    Awesome entry level RC unit & loads of YouTube video's to support

  • There aren't bad but the suspension is plastic so needs upgraded to proper metal shocks and add bigger battery for sure 😎 bought similar and had heaps fun with it. Traxxas is obviously a Mercedes in RC 4WDs but this is really for fast, never ending fun😁

  • I bought one of these for my 6yo son last week. So far it's taken an absolute pounding and seems to be holding up fine. Now I'm on the hunt for an upgraded battery and shocks, I feel myself slipping right down a really expensive rabbit hole…

    • I got a crawler. Then researched fpv on rc trucks. Now I have abt 10 micro fpv drones.. I've slipped very far.

  • Before Christmas I bought 2 in stock cars. Was charged, and then was told they’re out of stock but should be available early Jan.

    I’m still waiting for them to be dispatched

    • Sometimes Banggood drive me nuts as well. The price we pay to get cheap stuff.

      Can you cancel that order and buy this? It is cheaper as well.

      • Yeah I’m considering it. Wish there was a step down from this level though. Sick of those rubbish Kmart ones

        • What do you mean by step down?

          You can keep the speed a little slower. Unless you turn the second motor on, then it flies along.

          It is a really good machine, if you grease the diff and don't attempt to bash it too high speed, it should last and if you do decide to keep bashing it into things, then spare parts are available.

  • This is a cool truck and this is a fantastic price!

    As stated above, grease up the diff and try not to run into stuff too fast and this thing goes surprisingly well.

    I still can't believe they can make and sell such a device for this sort of price. It is so much fun.


  • USB charger (no 240v wall plug)

    Hmm. I'm assuming no one charges this via USB. If you do, how long did it take?

    What sort of connector does the battery take? Looks like Deans T plug

  • got one of these. they are awesome! especially if you hook up a 3S battery!

  • btw they go real fast with the 2s battery easily 35-40kmh. with the 3s battery its barely controllable!

  • I got 2 of these a couple of years when they were ~$55-$70 on banggers.
    Both have taken an absolute bashing and still work great. Broken inner front wheel rim on both of them, and a lot of grinding on the front under bash plate (both due to many many gutter impacts).
    We got upgraded batteries at the time (can't remember mAh) which still fit and charge of same charger. Turns 7min run time into 15+min.

    Seeing the above, will be eagerly looking into lubing diffs and upgrading the shocks.

    Thanks manan.

  • Is there like a step down from one of these someone could recommend??

  • Received yesterday, had a quick play with it last night, seems fast enough and fun. Have some replacement springs/shocks to drop on and some 3s/5200mah batteries to stap atop as well.

    For those that are interested Ovonics have 12% off (with already discounted prices) with MARCH12 coupon. I got 2 3s/5200mah for $105 delivered.

  • Thanks, just ordered one for myself my son. Appreciate all the upgrade/maintenance comments too everyone.

  • BG have another 6 day "flash sale" for US$81.99. Not sure if you an unexpire the deal or update with new details.