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AFL Western Bulldogs 6 Game Membership for The Price of 3 Game Membership $95 @ Ticketmaster


I know some of you will go on about the ability to get into games, but the best opportunity to get to a live game is via a membership.

Get a six game bronze Western Bulldogs membership for the price of three games.

That’s access to Level 3 seating at six Marvel Stadium home games for just $95 or $9.50 per month.

Your membership also includes a $20 Bulldogs Shop voucher to use online or instore.

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  • fell for this last year. when they didn't have any home games, I spent months chasing a refund… and only received a partial one. They deducted $30 for a beanie. & some stickers, which never arrived.

    • It wasn't planned by the club to trick you into buying a membership during a pandemic………..

      • no, but they should have given an effortless full refund for not being able to provide the service offered. just like airlines, accommodation, etc.

        • I know of many people who got refunds effortlessly…Don't know how or why it was difficult for you.

          • @Danstar: They got a full refund?.or just a partial one? They refused my request for a full.refund, stating they were going to send out a supporters pack & keep $30, I asked not for them not to send out the pack, but issue a full refund, they just ignored that. I didn't get the pack either.

            it was even better when before they processed a partial refund, they asked if I'd like to donate the $80 to the club instead.

            Covid's not over, so who knows if you'll be even able to use these membership tickets. In my experience you certainly won't get all your money back if you can't use them.

            it's just something to consider before buying.

            • @M00Cow: Full refund as there was many emails early on to ask for a refund.

              So if you missed that boat and asked for a refund after they sent out the pack, they deducted that cost out…

              The 'donate' email would've been an automated email sent to all members, as pretty much every AFL club sent out…

            • @M00Cow:

              it's just something to consider before buying.

              Something to also consider is, a membership for any club isn't only about what benefits you receive. It's about supporting the club too.

              • @Danstar: Yes but football clubs are a business so they have to offer you something. They aren't a charity eventhough some of them act like it. If they cant manage their club properly they should piss off to the Gold Coast and get millions from AFL and not have to scrooge peoples hard earned.

                The other thing is '6 game' membership is NOT guaranteed. Dogs play most home games at Marvel where theyll be at 50% capacity (25,000)… most likely mean every game will be a ticketed game meaning you will need to pay extra to buy a reserve seat this year. so the $95 doesn't really get u squat.

                • @Gavman: Level 3 (GA) won't have any additional fees to get into the game.

                  Of course clubs are a business, but without members they wouldn't exist.

                  Every game will basically be ticketed, and hard to get a ticket with limited capacities if the games are 2 Melbourne based teams.

  • 11game membership with North Melbourne for $99. Your get all home games for an extra $4