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8 Weeks Free after 10 Weeks Hospital and Extras Health Insurance, 2-Month Extras Waiting Period Waived @ Doctors' Health Fund


This is a great deal for family members of medical people including psychologists, occupational therapists etc , check their website to see if you are eligible.

I spoke to them on the phone and they said as long as you sign up for both hospital and extras the deal will be automatically applied so that as soon as you pay for 10 weeks, they add 8 weeks free. The big attraction for me is that they cover 100% for basic dental checkups, this is quite rare for dental cover but overall the extras benefits are very good except they don't cover osteopathy at all.

This offer can be stacked with the referral offer for $100 gift card.

Terms & Conditions

  • Join Doctors’ Health Fund between 15 February 2021 and 31 March 2021 on combined Hospital & Extras cover and receive 8 weeks free.
  • Plus 2 month waiting periods on Extras waived (the ’Offer’)
  1. To be eligible for the Offer, applicants must:
    1. be eligible to join Doctors’ Health Fund restricted access group (www.doctorshealthfund.com.au/who-can-join);
    2. take out a hospital and extras policy with Doctors’ Health Fund between 15 February 2021 and 11.59pm (AEST) 31 March 2021; and
    3. be over the age of 18.
  2. Offer is not available to current members of Doctors’ Health Fund, or individuals who have held private health insurance with Doctors’ Health Fund in the last twelve (12) months (either in their own right or under a Couple/Family policy).
  3. Policy application entry and cover start date must commence within the campaign period of 15 February 2021 to 31 March 2021.
  4. The new member must be an active and financial member for ten (10) continuous weeks from cover commencement and remain on a combined hospital & extras cover to be eligible for the Offer. The eight (8) weeks free period will commence after the first ten (10) weeks of continuous membership If the new member cancels their policy or downgrades their policy to extras cover or hospital cover only, within ten (10) weeks of cover commencement, the member will no longer be entitled to the Offer.
  5. The Offer does not apply to policy upgrades, or when a spouse, or dependant is added to an existing Doctors’ Health Fund policy.
  6. This Offer is not available to Avant Mutual or Doctors’ Health Fund directors, management, employees or their immediate family members.
  7. The Offer is not redeemable for cash.

Private health insurance products are issued by The Doctors’ Health Fund Pty Limited, ABN 68 001 417 527 (Doctors’ Health Fund), a member of the Avant Mutual Group. Cover is subject to the terms

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  • Do Doctors browse OzB?

    • Apparently they do

    • +5

      Indeed I do, female and a doctor is apparently an OzB minority. :P
      A number of my colleagues also partake in spending our feelings.
      Sometimes the only way to cope with the stress is to obsessively browse and buy things we don’t need…
      There is definitely a correlation between sh*tness of day and number of spontaneous unnecessary purchases.

      • This.

        But the plans offered under this fund I found aren't really as competitive as others, despite the gift card and waived sign up…

  • Very expensive premium when compare with other providers same level cover…

    • Might be, you need to really read the fine print for the exact things that are covered. If you find it is more expensive, you can join just for the 18 weeks and then cancel.

  • Probably not, but lots of affiliated people can join, here's the list:
    To join Doctors’ Health Fund, you must be:
    A current or former registered Medical Practitioner1;

    A current or former registered Health Practitioner2 in one of the following categories:

    Medical Radiation3
    Occupational Therapy
    A person studying to become a practitioner of points 1 or 2, at an Australian educational institution

    An overseas qualified doctor who is registered for the AMC exams

    An employee of a Medical Practitioner or a Health Practitioner or an officer or employee of an incorporated practice of a Medical Practitioner or a Health Practitioner

    Employed in any role by a federal or state Australian Medical Association (AMA), or an associated or subsidiary organisation of an AMA

    Employed in any role by an association whose members are medical practitioners or health practitioners

    An officer or employee (including contractors) of Avant Insurance Limited (ABN 82 003 707 471) or Avant Law Pty Limited (ACN 136 429 153)

    A family member of someone who qualifies in any of the above. Family members include:

    Spouse or partner
    Dependant children
    Adult children (including spouse or partner5)
    Siblings (including spouse or partner5)
    Nieces and nephews

    Medical Practitioner means a person who is, or was at any time, registered or licensed as a medical practitioner under a law of a State or Territory that provides for the registration or licensing of medical practitioners.
    Health Practitioner means a person who is, or was at any time, in one of the above categories of health practitioner, as listed in the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 (Qld) (whether or not registered or practising in Queensland or any other Australian State or Territory).
    Medical radiation means a person working as a medical radiation practitioner, diagnostic radiographer, medical imaging technologist, radiographer, nuclear medicine scientist, nuclear medicine technologist or radiation therapist.
    Dental means a person working as a dentist, dental therapist, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist or oral health therapist.
    Includes former spouse or former partner.

  • It's a swings and roundabouts policy. The extras can be more generous in some areas but then they also fall down in others. By way of example my son had to have a badly ingrown toenail removed by a Podiatrist. Whilst I should have checked beforehand it was annoying that they paid nothing for procedural items performed by the Podiatrist. The practice is BUPA aligned and told me if I was with BUPA I would not have been out of pocket. I won't be staying with them.

    • +2

      Maybe consider going to a non-bupa aligned podiatrist. The beauty of health funds like these are they don't restrict you to see only certain practitioners that the health funds have ongoing deals with.

      • It wouldn't matter who the provider was or with whom their practice is aligned, they (Doctors Health) don't pay out for Podiatry procedures whereas BUPA does.

  • Can Registered Nurse Apply too ?

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