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Lexar 128GB Micro SDXC High Performance U3 Class 10 633x - $19 Free shipping @ Centre Com


Did the search today to buy Micro SD card, find this deal. Good price for 128GB U3. It also have good review too. '' Made in Taiwan ''
I pick one up at Richmond store and there are still lots of stock when I pick it up.

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  • I recently tried to get honored my lifetime warranty on 64GB lexar microSD. Lexar was sold and the new owners of the company do not recognize the obligation to honor it. Will never buy Lexar in my life again :(

    • They were probably in shock someone could be bothered seeking a warranty claim on a 64gb card !

      • I did for samsung extreme pro 64GB couple years ago, quite pricey when bought, i used for 3-4 years. Got a success though, they sent me replacement

        • I did for samsung extreme pro 64GB

          Is it a.lifetime warranty on all Samsung cards ? I never look at the warranty info just assuming the card will have little or no vale the time it fails.

          In fairness to Stefan , it is poor form from Lexar. Would cost them next to nothing to drop a 64gb card into an envelope .

      • That only costs next to nothing. Perhaps it cost more to post the card back and get a new one. Too much effort seeing you can now buy those 64GB for pretty much $5-10 now. 128GB is the norm common size now. I used to buy so many 64GB cards but now have "upgraded" to 128GB.

    • Lifetime means "lifetime of the product". If the product is out of the market, then it's life has ended. No more warranties. In this case, the entire company is out of life. Only the brand name was bought by a Chinese company.

      • I'm no lawyer, but a company simply changing hands shouldn't instantly invalidate all lifetime product warranties from said company.

  • Great price for for 128gb U3 with free shipping .

    OP, might be worth updating to include free shipping.

    $19.23 delivered. (23 cents PayPal/Cc fee).

  • Would this be suitable for a switch?

  • I'd get this just for the SD adapter. Getting harder and harder to find them just by themselves these days.

  • How would it compare with a Samsung EVO plus? I mean durability wise

  • It looks like they changed the original/crossed out price from $29 to $99. Pretty dodgy tactics.

  • Anyone got their order fulfilled. Mine still stuck in picking since yesterday afternoon. Lol. Price error smells like.

    • I ordered on Wednesday and it was posted Thursday.

      • Hmm I ordered Wednesday too I just checked again. What the hell is going on lol.

        • Well I’m getting refund since it never arrived was supposedly sent 2 days after I ordered it and questioned why something small as this was in “picking” status for 2 days until I emailed them and funny enough hour after I emailed it changed from picking to shipped.

  • Got one as it is nice to have a different branded card at times….just so you may know what is on it!

  • No tracking…

  • Arrived. Not great for 128GB retro images. Only shows as 126GB. :-(

  • The price has now been reduced to $15.

  • Still in stock at $15 delivered.