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ASUS ROG Phone 3 512GB $999 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Pretty Good Price $700 off. Nice Reviews. 5G Ready. Which one is better- Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro or this one ?

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  • Keep in mind that the ROG Phone 5 is expected to come out this month.

    • And it's bringing the 3.5mm Headphone Jack : )
      Too bad these still aren't good phones to game on, they lack critical gaming features like microSD and User Removable Battery. At least flagships (from Sony) give you IP68 waterproofing in return. Graphically Intensive Apps/Games, and Emulation (beyond N64) suck up a lot of battery in a short amount of time, hence why hot-swapping a depleted battery for a fresh-charged one is a critical gaming feature (trickle charging doesn't solve this problem, and neither does Fast-Charging which causes the device to heat up).

      Oh, and shouldn't they come with a controller included in the box? Preferably ones like the Razer JungleCat which are the only pocketable ones I've seen.

      • I saw that you can bypass charging the battery. So you could bring a power brick for more intensive gaming.

        • It still adds a bit of heat, though that bypass-charging is a notable improvement and a neat addition. However, it still means you will have a plug dangling on the port… you know, the place where your hands rest. And if it's a PowerBank then you're adding an uneven weight to your hands as well.

          All in all, these are all clunky solutions to a simple problem. When I was traveling overseas back in 2014 (and earlier) I needed to rely on my phone too much. I had two fully-charfed batteries that I kept in my pocket (very slim unlike most PowerBanks) and one charged in the phone. That little "hack" or foresight before travelling helped me out so much, and it's not even possible anymore.

  • Waiting for ROG 5… Although this a great device too.

  • ROG 5 has 18GB RAM :)

  • Isn't 4 the latest? How is this still going for 999? Not to mention the 5 is just around the corner too

    • the 4 doesn't exist because 4 is SUPER close to death in Chinese (or something like that)

      its still $1k because its (at the time it came out and i think even now?) one of the most powerful phones spec wise out right now

      • +6 votes

        You would think having death in the name of a gaming phone would be a plus. Like, "Cool I want that death phone!" Different cultures, hey.

        • Yeah fair, i mean razer have the death adder, but thats "named after a snake" but i see your point

          hot take tho, isnt the samsung note 7 the death phone?

        • In Irish slang… Deadly is great, brutal is terrible.

        • You are actually a genius.

          Imagine a collector edition, ASUS ROG 'Death Note' edition.

          "Take my money!"

        • Actually the way "4" is pronounced in Mandarin is the same as "die" , not quite the same meaning as death. The Chinese characters itself are completely different for these words. This is why you hardly ever see any apartments or hotels have a 4th floor in China. Almost like why you don't see a 13th floor in hotels in Western countries. =)

  • Great phone, I've had mine since september?

    there isnt any VoLTE (yet) and stay away from the zentalk forums, they're SUPER salty

    can confirm its a good gaming phone, easy to OC the screen to 160hz

    dont expect the BEST cameras, but they're pretty damn good

    RGB is nice, niece but nice

    The whole thing about blackcrush, its really not that bad, barely noticeable imo

    there is a red tint at lower brightness, but thats due to the high refresh rate

    doesnt have android 11 yet, but it'll be coming out soon :)

    • Is there a big difference between 144 to 160hz? I can tell the difference between 90 and 120 but I'd imagine there would be a point where you can't tell the difference.

    • Is it too naive to buy this because of the spec (i.e more ram) compared to s20 FE or Pixel 4a/5?
      I dont do gaming, having better camera is nice too have

      It is just for future so i dont have to purchase phone for the next 3-4 years.
      I'm still using galaxy s8 here n no reasons to change apart from little crack on the screen

      • Yeah I've still got an s8, from the Telstra's family friends deal.. the battery drain is bad now though So I've done a full reset and it's even worse haha.. contemplating on a new phone but are they even worth it!? Idk if the batterys are any better on the s20 , Fe S10+ etc etc this one however looks pretty good although looks like a brick LOL

        • Personally went from a S8+ to an S20 FE (5G) at the end of last year, my S8+ just stopped turning on.

          Battery life is superb, I often go 2 days on a charge if I'm not using it that much or 1 day easily if I am.

          120hz is actually pretty nice, but you stop noticing it pretty quickly. Obvs if you change back it's not as nice tho.

          Cameras are a big upgrade imo.

          Fingerprint sensor in the screen is kinda cool at first, but then it's nothing special.

          Otherwise it's a very similar experience to the S8+, just without the curved edges. If you have a S8 the screen alone will be larger than your S8, but that's because it's got a lot of screen to phone ratio, I personally think it's a good size, but I wouldn't want it bigger.

        • Ah yeah battery is pretty bad for my s8 too, just realised i got another reason which i finaaally pulled the trigger… i just bought this phone today combined with $600 off and $79pm deal.. lets see how it go

          Later found out that Oppo x2 pro which has similar specs (which i dont do gaming to start with, and better cameras i guess) has a quite good deal, $0 upfront for $99pm for 12 months

          Oh well i think im gonna have to stick with my new phone and start downloading games

  • Sold my rog phone 3. Bulky, heats up when gaming, look like a total nerd when using it. camera is there just to say its there<-downsides
    upsides - awesome 144hz refresh, has nfc so you can paypass everything, myki, etc. all phones should have this, other gaming phones lack nfc, big deal breaker.

    if i were to get another gaming phone, definitely the red magic 5s or black shark 4 (or 5 if they skip the number 4) as they are more subtle and have better features and cheaper (red magic 5s has the superior cooling system, black shark has the mechanical trigger shoulder but no nfc)

    this month or next they will announce the new gaming phones, wait it out if your smart and get the next gen on pre-order.

  • How is ASUS phone now? After the Intel CPU ASUS phone never again.

  • +3 votes

    Can it run Crysis?

  • Imagine gaming on a phone

    • its not for candy crush and crap like that, more for pubg, cod and fortnite

      • Imagine playing PUBG / COD or Fortnite on a phone.

        Just save a little bit more and buy a techfast mid level Gaming PC

        • i too like to bring a techfast mid level gaming pc on train and bus to play PUBG / COD or fortnite. doesnt everybody?

        • I have a gaming PC at home, gaming on a laptop on the train is trash, and honestly. What's wrong with mobile gaming? No different to playing a vita or switch or 3ds on the go

    • candy crush is a game yeah? but seriously. these gaming phones are good with COD mobile or Mobile legends or PUBG and fortnite.

    • I do, stream to it from my PC while on the toilet.

    • Blizzard wants to know your location

      • Even tho it was memed to hell, Diablo mobile is actually pretty good, I played the alpha when it was out and it plays exactly like Diablo 3, but with mobile controls

  • Would a mi 11 be better than this since its using sd888?

    • apparently the 888 has really bad heating issues, and the rog 5 is gonna use the 888 anyway

  • For those planning to buy this invest in a good armour case and a screen protector. Accidentally dropped mine and Asus quoted $506 for the screen replacement. And if you want a proper cooler ditch the aero active cooler and get the black shark pro one

    • i got the black shark pro cooler and that thing is some sort of black magic. it goes cold so quick.

  • I bought this phone, at the time it did not support VoLtE (and still does not). The call quailty is trash. It is a shame becuase the rest of the phone is fantastic.

    • still doesnt have volte 🙃

      • It's so dumb. They update it for nearly every country except us. How do these companies ever try and compete for any market share when something so basic is missing in what was a $2000 phone

  • For $250 more I'd get the GPD Win 3 for Windows gaming …

    … and keep your old phone/buy a $200 Android for the network to do it on.

    • it's too big to carry around.

      Fine for a handheld though, but not one you would take with you everywhere.

  • one downside with this phone is no wireless charging

  • I see you asked about Xiaomi.
    DO NOT buy Xiaomi phone, as I Had 2 Xiaomi phone, both faulty within 15 months. Repair cost a lot make it not worthy. Xiaomi service is also very bad that you can hardly get a chance to talk to them. Avoid Xiaomi if you can.

  • Can it run Crossy Road

  • Trust me I have used both the phones.

    ROG 3 is good but it has a BLACK CRUSH display issue (atleast in the STRIX EDITION), check out the forums and videos online before deciding.

    Currently I am using BLACK SHARK 3 PRO, the major disappointment is that there is no NFC for it. That means no Tap&Pay or MYKI Touch on (effected me badly). I took it without knowing assuming it would have it as it is a standard even for devices half the price. And also not a fan of the UI/OS

    In my opinion, wait until this March lot of phones would be released with the SD888 processor, if you can't wait go for the S21 Ultra as it's Exynos variant is now alot capable.

  • Was looking at this phone before but I ended going with the Red Magic 5g as it was significantly cheaper.

    Absolute beast for mobile gaming and works as a regular phone just fine. Camera is poor, fingerprint scanner is terrible and software updates are buggy and infrequent however the pros vastly outweigh the cons for me anyways.

  • I had the dog 2 and loved it so much I bought the rog 3.
    the speakers on the rog 3 are incredible. best I've heard from a phone yet, hands down. the specs are wild.
    however major con- no 9mm headphone jack (you gotta use the rog USB C/ jack adaptor).
    if you won't have 5g for a while I'd actually get the rog 2. it'll be cheaper and it's just as good, but with the beloved headphone jack.

  • i bought the 128gb cn model dec last year, ouch.

  • is this good for watching The Hub? ;)

  • I don't suppose there is anyone with buyers remorse who bought this and wants to resell for the $999 price? I was one day late to this deal..