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we have just restocked our Sydney warehouse with a selection of Genuine European bulbs, so you can get them delivered within 3 - 4 days.

Plus for the next 10 days get 24% site wide code on everything using code SAVE24. Up to 12 months warranty as standard.

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Or if you dont mind waiting for delivery, check out the full range of products here - https://www.powerbulbs.com/au/

Plus we are now stocking the new high performance Philips bulbs

Philips Racing Vision GT200 - https://www.powerbulbs.com/au/store/category/philips-racingv...
Philips X-treme vision Pro150 (in 8 different fittings) - https://www.powerbulbs.com/au/store/category/philips-x-treme...
Philips White vision ultra (in 10 different fittings) - https://www.powerbulbs.com/au/store/category/philips-whitevi...

Free shipping from UK warehouse for orders over $25

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  • Ordered Phillips WhiteVision in January and they're already flickering/not bright anymore.

    Emailed support and haven't had anything back - not even in my spam.

    • Which one? I've been buying from powerbulbs for years, never had issues. They sell genuine stuff, ships from UK.

      • Phillips WhiteVision Ultra, they have a shorter warranty than everything else.

        I understand that it’s not really them that can control a faulty product, I just wish I could get a response to the 2 emails I’ve sent now.

        • Bugger, I just bought two sets of these based on other people's recommendations…..also only got 20% discount as I ordered in Feb dammit

          • @nafe: They do look pretty white which is good. Obviously nowhere near the LED look, but I don't particularly fancy not having a road-legal car and blinding oncoming traffic. I think it's a decent middle point between the two though. I heard the OSRAM night breakers are pretty good, might be buying them next.

            • @LikeClockwork: Im replacing my Nightbreakers with these. The Nightbreakers have lasted a bit over 2 years but half of that was driving daily with a lot of headlight use. I expect with my reduced driving now that the Phillips should last easily past that 2 year mark.

        • I assume you got halogen ones. Strange about flickering, normally they just die. Flickering is usually associated with xenon/HID bulbs.

          Remember these 'high performance' halogen bulbs have tighter coils for a brighter hotspot, which means vastly decreased lifespan. Philips and Osram basically skirting the edge of legality by aiming these bulbs at the max allowed lumens (including the error margin).

          I've tested a number of bulbs over the years. Philips X-treme vision, Osram nightbreakers etc. They are brighter but only last a couple of months.
          All blue tinted bulbs are worse than the clear glass ones in terms of output. If you have higher wattage remember it can damage your wiring/plugs/housing.

          The biggest contributing factor and subsequent improvement area is the housing itself. Keep the outer lens clear as any hazy/yellowing/tinting/etc reduces output. And of course, you can replace the projector/reflectors with a HID retrofit for a real upgrade ;)


      Please send me a PM with your order details. Our customer service team respond to all emails, so there is either an issue in us getting your email or you getting our emails.

  • Hi OP I've been trying to reach you to speak regrading an order for H7 bulbs, could someone please reach out? Thanks.