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Kogan Galaxy & Star Light Projector $49.99 + Shipping (Free with First) @ Kogan


A follow up post to my deal from January (now expired as it was a presale deal, and cannot be re-opened or commented on as a result)

I received mine a few days ago and am satisfied with it for the price. Not the biggest fan of the stars and they look a tiny bit blurry at range, so have turned down their brightness quite a bit. The full colour control over the actual nebula works great, however, and was the main reason I got it (to not be locked into static colours)

Anyone else received theirs and have thoughts? I still consider this a good deal in the market, and they're now shipping.

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  • Got 2 x $10 vouchers from Kogan for late delivery on this

  • I received it last week after placing the order on February. I think it's pretty cool and it's mesmerising to stare at your ceiling wall at night watching those colourful galaxies with stars. It is linked to Google home too so I just said ok google, turn on my galaxy :)

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    FYI - stars are fixed green colour from the laser, on a multicolour and independently adjustable background.

    Also, to the people planning on changing the laser colour using filters - it's a laser, it has a single wavelength which dictates it's colour, this can't be (easily) changed.

    • Yep. I was planning to try putting a gel over the top, but haven't experimented with this yet. Are you saying I probably won't find success?

      • Yup. But welcome to be proven wrong.

      • If it was a regular light, you could do the cellophane trick. Because it's a laser, it has a very narrow emission spectrum (infinitely narrow), because it has only a single wavelength of light being put out - what we call "green". This means it only has one frequency as well. In order to change the wavelength/colour of the laser, we would have to change the frequency, and this cannot be done without opening the unit up and twisting some dials

        • As an addition to this, the cellophane trick works with regular lights because they have a wide emission spectrum - they're putting out a whole bunch of different wavelengths. When you put a filter over, you block out some of these and allow the prevailing colour to continue onwards to your eye.

          For this reason, a filter that blocks out one colour and allows another to pass through would not work with a laser - you would simply see nothing as the single emission gets absorbed by the filter

    • I thought green lasers were the dangerous ones that could make you blind if you looked straight into it?

      • The power is more important than wavelength.

        • I had a similar concern when I powered it up. The manual suggests the laser is only 1mw which is suggested to be safe from what I've read elsewhere.

  • Mine looks great. Super pleased with it. Integrates perfectly into my smart home. Make sure to use one of the "scenes" in the Kogan smart home app, and have a slow breathing setting from one colour to the next for ultimate viewing pleasure.

    Certainly far cheaper than the blisslights range, plus it has wifi and RGB colour control, something the blisslight does not have - it only has green laser and blue nebula.

  • Thanks OP.. Still had a $10 voucher to use up from my last purchase of one of these which just arrived - happy with the 1st one - nice ambient lighting for the room when watching movies, or just relaxing of an evening - couldn't find this anywhere else for less - it's a TUYA device so no need to use the Kogan app as I have a number of other devices already which is handy also..

  • How does this pair to my iphone. Followed the instruction on the app (the on off on off on off on off thing) and didn't work. Is there another way to pair this ?

    • I held it down until it flashed. Make sure your location settings and bluetooth are enabled for the app. Only takes 2.4ghz WiFi I believe.

  • Anyone got photos/video of how this actually looks in reality? I've got some credit from a different preorder that I need to spend and have been eyeing this thing for the kids' room.

  • I received one of these as a present, have yet to get it working with the smart phone app though, which was the main appeal.

    Enter pairing mode by holding down the button for 6 seconds, using an iPhone connected to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network, the device is found via Bluetooth, percentage always gets to 100% in the app and fails to add. Have tried 3 iPhone's, including one on an older version of iOS, have restarted mobiles and router, have tried having them close together etc. Will see if I can get it setup using an Android mobile, will otherwise need to return.