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[Presale] Kogan Galaxy & Star Light Projector $49.99 + Shipping (Free with First) @ Kogan


I spent about 6 hours researching these galaxy lights last night, so thought I'd share my findings. These galaxy nebula projectors have gotten really popular in the last year and I decided that I wanted to get one too.

In the sub $100 range, there seems to pretty much be a small selection of models that are rebranded / drop-shipped / flogged off at a premium.

First, there's the Blisslights Sky Lite, like this OzBargain deal posted a few weeks ago, which seems to be the most premium in the range. However, it can only project in one colour, which happens to be blue (which many of us avoid at night-time), ruling it out as an option for me. If you would be happy with only blue, this would probably be the best option. If not, this is where this deal may help you.

After trawling through all of the different rebranded models, I came across the 'SK20' (such as here and here) as consistently getting good reviews. This happens to be the same model as the $69 Kmart one that was extremely popular and almost instantly sold out at Christmas time. Importantly, it has an RGB galaxy light and WiFi connectivity to use an app to choose the exact colour you want. From reviews, the main fault with non-WiFi RGB models is that they seem to come with a small selection of colours and disappointed those who were liking for precise control.

Looking on eBay/Amazon, the SK20 seems to be consistently around $75 within Australia, and $60+ from AliExpress, so I consider this new Kogan rebrand a good deal considering availability on the market. It is a presale with shipping beginning on the 12th January. As a result, I cannot give first hand feedback yet, rather a pseudo-meta-analysis of reviews on the market, and confidence that this is the exact same model as those. Potential negatives to be aware of are: 1) Some people talk about it emitting notable noise, potentially high pitched, while others say it's a non-issue, 2) The 'stars' project in only a green colour, which many people seem to think is a bit tacky compared to other colours (usually blue). This is a more subjective personal note, but I plan to experiment with some lighting gels to experiment with other 'star' colours.

Hope this helps someone also thinking of getting one of these! Special shoutout to the /r/tripcaves subreddit and u/winternational for posting the BlissLights deal inspiring my own research.

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    +1 for research

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      This is what Ozbargain is all about

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        ^this. Well done OP.

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      username checks out. also made the purchase.

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    What a brilliant write up, thankyou OP :)

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    Use case for this?

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      It's mood lighting for a dimly lit room or a night light, either relaxation or high energy. Plug it in, point it at the roof, and get not only nice colours but super immersive patterns. Very popular amongst the sort of scene that would lay back on their couch and stare at the ceiling for hours on end, too :~)

      I'm going to run it in conjunction with an LED strip or bulb, and probably never turn on my ugly fluoro light again

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        So it is not used for visualising real galaxies?

    • Might help you sleep?

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    kinda want one tbh. stargazing straight from the bedroom. dont even need to go camping anymore

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    But is it better than my Laserpod

    • I have had my laserpod for over 10 years and it still works great!

      • Same, well, may need a bit of lube. I recall it being much quieter.

        • It's always quieter after using lube

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    Thanks OP , bought one from your write up :)

  • Do I need to put it into the centre of the room?

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      These vertical housing ones work best from the corner of the room pointed at the middle, but not too high, and not too low.

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    Rolls Royce vibes

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    Might be interesting if all the stars were not green.

    • Definitely a downside (although am not seeing any other models with RGB stars) - but I'm really hoping that lighting gels can assist here.

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        what gel color do you get for that ?

    • Yes i have one and this is the only down side. You can dim them down but still.

      • Can you turn them completely off?

  • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9073605/Shopper-b...

    looks so cool and cheaper than Kmart (which is now OOS)

  • Thx, bought for sisters bday

  • +7

    Green stars kills the deal

    • Slap a blue transparent tape/vinyl on it and you will have cyan stars (maybe)

  • Remember to use qantas shopping for 2 points per dollar if you can’t avail of cashback. Great to have the Kogan credit card for free delivery for these deals.

  • Are these safe for kids/people? Ie if kids decide to stare into the lights?

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      I’d say no

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      It's a laser, so no.

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      Not sure but it's the type of thing you only do once

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    Please don't put these in a nursery as suggested on Kogan images. The lasers will harm your retina if stared into for too long, and that might be especially tempting for little ones.

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    Nice writeup. :)

    We've been using one of these for a few years.


    Does a few colours and is surprisingly not horrible but I might try to find some videos of the one in OP for comparison.

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      Regular LED in this one, so a lot safer for kidlets.

  • +1

    Should I get one for my shrooms to replace the Kmart one? Mmmmm

    • I'm not sure, but i'm more of a Joe Rogan type these days if you catch that obscure reference, and i don't mean weed!

  • Wow. Thanks for the research. Ordered!

  • bought just cos …. OP

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    Would have been more interesting if the data of where to plot the stars would be grabbed in real-time from my geolocation. Not just randomly painted stars.

  • do the projections move?

  • +1

    for anyone looking for something for a baby, go for a twilight turtle or related

  • Good find. Been searching for one in the past as well and am aware that these are pricey. Bit hesitant as I'm not a fan with Kogan brands, they're like 1, 2 dollar shop but I'm gonna take a shot buying it. Good that they have money back if you don't like.

    • I wouldn't bet on a return for change of mind. Kogan are notorious for being difficult for some returns and abundantly gracious with others.

      • Okay. Funny how they state like as if they are embracing the change of mind policy

      • I also found they don't accept refunding your money back, only store credit which suckssss

    • +1

      they're like 1, 2 dollar shop

      Anything that is tuya is pretty good imo

  • +1

    PS, they also have the laser projector which is more expensive, looks better as well and I'm indecisive on which one to pick.

    • Is laser projector green stars only as well?

    • What are you seeing that is better?
      It seems to be missing WiFi and Alexa/Google control.
      Also, the star pattern shown in the images looks way too uniform, like a grid pattern.

  • Would it be possible to change the colour of the stars effectively by collecting a few of those see through, coloured sheets?

    I don't know them by name, even after a google, but you'd commonly see them wrapped on gifts or at my work, in produce boxes.

    • +3


      • That's it!!

    • +1

      Several people have asked this so I thought I'd try to help. The answer is it depends. For a start can anyone tell me how seperated the part that projects the stars and the part that projects the nebula tends to be on these?

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    I believe that green light still messes with circadian rhythms tho

  • +2

    Is this better than the $15 ebay projector ?


    • That is a good question. I'm wondering how big of a difference it would be since I have something similar to the $15 one.

  • Looks like disco light

  • How good is this for sex?

    • +14

      High risk of electrocution

    • Not good at all, using it might electrocute you and staring it too long might blind you. Best to avoid it at all cost

    • It's out of this world.

    • It's like having sex in space.

    • Not good for your partner's eyes staring at the ceiling.

  • +3

    I want a star wars version of this with the system Kamino mysteriously absent

  • Can it project the stars and nebula at the same time?

  • Would not recommend buying a presale item on Kogan at the moment. I ordered something in October which was due to dispatch in early December but it has been delayed twice already and looks like I'm going to have to wait until February or March to get it due to "supply issues".

    • +2

      The light bulbs? Me too

      • Yeah. They offered me a refund but I still want the lights :/

      • I got done with that as well. The 4 lightbulbs were so God damn cheap though!

    • I pre-ordered a Kogan heater during winter and it arrived promptly

  • Great post OP. I'm keen to see how this goes under outdoor area next to pool.

  • lmao just go outside and look up its free

  • I wonder whether this has gotten popular because of AGL's commercial.

  • Nice research. I spent days looking at these wondering why some were $40 and what looked like the exact same thing was $200. I bought the $40ish one for my daughter for Xmas. To be honest, it's a little underwhelming. The stars being green only is a bit strange, plus they are all the same size in a grid like formation. There is a moon which just looks odd. The nebula looks cool though. Overall, not quite what we expected.

    If anyone knows one that is better than this with more colours, Wifi etc. then I'd be interested!

  • They need to make one with keystone correction so the light is projected perfectly on to the ceiling for example.

  • Any idea on the power consumption on this? Could I leave it 24/7 in the home theatre just for effects realistically?

    • Power Input 100~240V AC
      Power Output <1mW per beamlet
      Classification of Lasers Class 2
      Work Temperature -10~40°C
      Wireless Type Wi-Fi 2.4G 1T1R
      Laser Colour Green, 515-520nm
      Nebula Colour Colourful, 450nm
      Shell Material Flame Retardant V0 Class ABS
      Application Indoor (Home/Cafe/Bar/motor homes)
      Certificate FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS
      Control By Full Control: Kogan SmarterHome™ app
      Voice Control: Amazon Alexa and Google Home
      Timing Flexible Timing
      Dimensions (L X W X H) 16.2 x 6.8 x 16.2cm
      Net Weight 0.5kg
      Power Cord Length 1.8m

  • Hi Vinbie, glad to have inspired you. Thank you for your research and you have indeed inspired me to preorder one for myself. Cheers!

  • +3

    I wish I had seen this before I ordered one earlier this week!

    Note - it's not the same model, but maybe the internals are similar?
    I picked up a SC511 Tuya-based one from Amazon earlier this week - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B086JRHB59

    Seems to do what it says on the tin - TYWE3S ESP8266 board inside
    I ran it via Tuya for a night, and then decided to de-cloud it.
    A serial flash with Tasmotizer went well - https://photos.app.goo.gl/ASz158PN8L1iYnXL8
    & The template from here was applied - https://templates.blakadder.com/led_star_projector.html
    Now it's playing nice with Home Assistant locally

    YMMV - not sure how similar the implementation is on the SK20 - but the SC511 might be an alternative.

    I don't have anything to compare it to in terms of brightness - but my wife is fairly happy with this one. Happy to help if anyone wants to flash theirs and needs some direction.

    • That's such an awesome resource - I really need to learn more about this sort of stuff, as I'm pretty privacy conscious.

  • +1

    Absolutely banging post, nice one.

  • +2

    Ozbargain needs some sort of group ordering system we could get one each for $28USD if we had 128 people willing to contribute + shipping.

    They have samples but it's $50USD with shipping so not worth it.


  • Ships from 18th Feb. I don't have the patience…

    • before it was Jan 12