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25% off Crumpler Work Bags - Mantra Pro $224.25 (Was $299) Delivered @ Crumpler Store


25% off work bags
I like the look of Mantra Pro.
Not the cheapest ever but still seems to be a good deal

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  • I throw my full weight behind crumpler. The bags are not cheap, but they last forever. I have yet to throw one out because it wore out. For a bit extra over the cheap stuff, they are absolutely worth it. Plus they are thoughtfully designed and v comfy

    • I'm just getting to the point where a bag I bought 10 years ago is starting to wear thinner in points. I don't need a new bag, I'd like one just because my needs have changed, but this one could last another 4-5 years I reckon.

      • The older bags had a lifetime warranty. Ive had some luck getting repairs done without a receipt. The newer bags only have 5 years i think, not sure if they're still as flexible on the old ones but worth dropping them a line

    • I can easily vouch for this statement and crumpler bags myself. I've had a few bags ranging from $50 to $100 odd and the moment they got into their second year of use something on them gave out. My crumpler is on its 4th year and has no signs of wear, just needs a clean.

  • Have this bag and it’s good, not that I’ve taken it to the office for a year
    Historical low price from memory from myer ebay store w additional 20% off
    Might have been around $150

  • Have this bag and use it every day. Love it and definitely worth the price.

  • I have the same bag, Use it regularly…good quality.

    I wish the zips had a lockable option so that I can use this bag as my travel back pack.

  • I just bought one from the Spencer Street Outlet today before seeing this post. limited color options in store and got a grey/burgundy red one for $95. Been using Crumpler for years and they quality is top notch

    • You got the Mantra Pro for $95??

      Insane price, did they have many left?

      • I saw two full burgundy red at $99. I am not sure if they had more at the back. The sales person save me extra 5% off. Btw, the newer/more popular color are at 20% off rrp.

      • Hi mate, sorry I just checked the bag it is a mentra not the Pro. my bad.

    • Edit: I got the Mentra not the "Pro" version. Sorry I only looked the function/style and not the names.

  • Anyone know of any deals on the Optimist?

  • bought my first crumpler bag — nest egg reflective — for cycling and i can say it's great quality. wanted the mantra with all its little compartments but needed a reflective and water resistant bag (please make a reflective version??). i can easily carry 3L worth of water bottles or a couple of wine bottles, and i barely feel the weight. the mesh padding makes for noticeably less sweating and better air flow.