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Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Black BHR4357GL $69.95 (Was $99.95) + $9.95 Shipping @ Mi-Store & PC Byte


Stumble upon this page trying to figure out what to do with my faulty Mi Watch Lite bought from aliexpress, which I paid $86.88 some 3 months ago. If you want one of these, buy from the Australian website. I'm dealing with Xiaomi Official Store @ Aliexpress and it's a nightmare. How I wish I knew they have an Australian store earlier…


PC Byte has $0 Sydney C&C, $9.90 shipping, 1% surcharge for PayPal and Zip Pay.

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  • is this any good?

  • Better than mi band 5?

  • 99.99% of those claims Xiaomi official on AliExpress is just a reseller, nothing to do with Xiaomi itself.

    • https://xiaomi.aliexpress.com/store/103919/pages/official-br...

      This is definitely the real deal but the attitude is shit like any pirate seller. Conversation below:

      Hi, my watch stopped working after a month. The touch screen not responsive. Tried restarting. Please help.
      22/02 14:50

      We are sorry to hear it. Could you offer us pictures or video links which can show the problems clearly?
      22/02 16:13

      You can try to do it as this again. Please press & hold the watch button for a lilttle longer .
      23/02 19:42

      I did. I reboot it and its still the same.
      Tried at least 5 times
      24/02 08:30

      The orange corners at the top got more serious after i reset it for 3 times yesterday
      24/02 14:15

      Hi, we are so sorry for this, but it does not affect the normal usage. We would like to offer 5$ discount for your future order if you agree.Thank you!
      24/02 18:20

      u are not listening. it is not working. look at the video! screen not responding!
      25/02 01:54

      25/02 14:48

      Please restart it and re-pair with the phone ,you can update it.
      26/02 12:33

      Which part of touchscreen (the primary input) not working did you not understand? You teach me how to reset and re-pair something that you cannot interact with at all (other than turning the screen on/off and reboot)?
      26/02 15:05

      Please do it and tell us the result, sometimes it is helpful. Thank you!
      27/02 01:14

      You are crazy. Can you send me this message if the keyboard is not working? If I have no way to click ok for the watch to pair, HOW CAN I RE-PAIR IT? THE SCREEN IS NOT RESPONSIVE!!! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU? The only thing responding on that watch is the side button. Don't tell me to do things unless you have instructions on how I can re-pair the watch using only the side button.
      01/03 15:59

      We are so sorry for this, we can offer 12$ for you as compensation for this problem if you agree. Thank you!
      02/03 14:11

      I paid 77.57 for a watch that worked for less than two months and you want to compensate me with $12? Pay shipping cost and I'll send the stupid watch back to you. I want a full refund. I actually avoided buying from other vendors hoping official xiaomi store will be more respectable with warranty. This is outrageous
      Yesterday 15:36

      We do not support the return for refund, or we can offer you 15$

      • Did you pay via Paypal?

        • Banging your head !
          Been there, done that. Not with Xiaomi but with others on Ali and eBay !
          Judging by their conversation ($5 discount for future purchase) they are most likely a reseller, not the company themselves.

      • probably an unpopular opinion but we all want dirt cheap devices from Asia and then we get all entitled once we hit an obstacle that isn't resolving an issue like a local store would. It is frustrating because it really can take up a lot of time. But I am reading a lot of English as a 2nd language into the conversation above.

        Totally with you, it must be fixed, just saying we cannot have our cake and eat it too. Also saying that when it comes to support it is pretty of much ALWAYS a case of catching more flies with honey than with vinegar. As a bonus honey is normally faster.

        • Trust me, I waited for the official store to carry the item before buying. I am always cautious when buying electronics and don't mind paying more for that peace of mind. Just couldn't imagine xiaomi themselves being such dicks.

      • Started with $5 discount and reached $15. If you keep pressing, you will get a full refund.

        • The games these people pay to avoid any warranty or return / refund claims is beyond outrageous.
          I have seen the same in my second last AliExpress dispute. They treat the end user as if they are dumb as a rock.

      • Buy cheap, pay twice.

      • Can you open a dispute on aliexpress ?

        I just won 2 cases on aliexpress although it wasnt for 3 months

        1 watch lasted a couple of days $45

        The other i ordered gloves but they only sent 1 when the pic shows 2

  • Xiaomi's own OS, not Android Wear I believe

  • Thanks op.. got one.. at that price hard to complain about potential minor inaccuracies.

  • I bought this last time it was on here. Works great, no complaints

  • Had it not been for the title, I was almost fooled into thinking this was an Apple Watch with an unusual Watch face.