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Sofirn Torches - SC31 Pro $40.37, SP40 $37.94 Delivered @ Sofirnlight via Amazon AU


Was informed by Sofirn these two are in stock on Amazon Au with the 7 days deals. The SC31 comes out a bit cheaper than the previous deal.

I personally haven't used these torches but I have many other torches by Sofirn and I have to say, they're worth it given the quality and light output. Both could be used as a great bike light.

Sofirn SC31 Pro Rechargable Flashlight

Original Price: $49.99
Deal Price + 5% Coupon: $40.37

Sofirn SP40 Rechargable Head Lamp

Original Price: $46.99
Deal Price + 5% Coupon: $37.94

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Couldn't see a warm LED option… Thanks for the post though

    • +1

      You can get the warm version here, https://sofirnlight.com/sp40-rechargeable-headlamp-with-batt...

      Longer ship time though.

      I got SP40 4000K. Great for everyday use - BBQ, bin night, poking under the hood at night. SC31 Pro is nice too but its been on the shelf for a while. Too many torches in my rotation :)

    • I usually prefer warm light but for the SP40 I didn't like it.

  • Can anyone vouch for the claimed runtime?
    1hr 50min @ 1200lm (SP40) seems pretty insane when compared to figures claimed by other manufacturers such as olight.

    • It doesn't have that sustained output. Basically it'll be at max output for around 10 minutes then drop off. My experience with other torches is that the lower output is good enough for general use.

      This does have usb charging but it is micro usb. You can charge the batteries with an external charger.

      1lumen review below and it is rated 4.5 stars.


      • +3

        Reviewer here! Please note though that this was before I had anything to do with Sofirn in an "associated" sense, I do realise that it probably looks somewhat suspect.

        I still use mine quite a bit, but I've swapped the emitter out with an LH351D 4000K 90CRI because I'm a tint/CRI snob. I also snipped off the top headband loop; personal preference.

        (My photography has gotten much better since then though… sorry about that)

        • +1

          Oh wow. Didn't expect you to be an ozbargainer. I appreciated the reviews (and occasional discount).

          tint/CRI snob

          who isn't?

          • +1

            @Caped Baldy: No probs! They're not all mine; Marco does the bulk of them, but I've got about 20 up there now. Trying to finish off a Nitecore TINI2 review…

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    I have the SP40 and very happy with it. The included rechargeable 18650 battery was great. Contrary to the Amazon listing, mine came with a magnetic tailcap.

  • You can get a really basic Arlec head lamp from Bunnings for $4.95. Picked one up the other day and cant complain for that price

    • +6

      Chalk and cheese. Try a decent one and you'll understand.

      • Whilst I agree with your comment, if it's just for sitting around a campground eating your dinner and finding your clothes in a tent it's surprising how useful a $5 cheapy headlamp can be. 1,200 (real) lumens is just going to annoy anyone within a 100 metre radius of you, it would be like having a search light on your head!!
        But if it's used for caving or some other specialist reason then yeah very useful.

        • Pretty sure you know PL but for those who aren't aware, the light intensity on the SP40 is selectable. 1200 is turbo mode. ~90 lumens is what most would use for that purpose. About 7 min into the video:

          "Best" review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQWbaNj1Cuc

          • @DisabledUser67242: Exactly. I have a nite core exactly the same and I rarely use over the 90 lumen level 2 setting. But damn is the 1200lm powerful!

        • +1

          Each have its use use. I have one of those high powered torches too. Sometimes easier just to have a low powered cheapie too

    • +1

      I have both and the Arlec one is complete garbage. If you're only using it once then throwing it away, maybe the Arlec one has a place. It's worse in every single way except price but i'd argue that the cost/benefit ratio of the Arlec one is terrible in comparison.

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    Can get green or brown (and black) SP40 for slightly less (possibly even more if you can get an AliExpress or store coupon) from same seller (Sofirn/Beamax Lighting) at AliExpress IF you're prepared to wait about 4 weeks for delivery.

    Very good light - as usual from Sofirn - with a handy strongly-magnetic tailcap

    • +2

      ah nice, SP40 works out to AUD $36.81 after tax added and minus 3% store coupon. maybe less as USD payment.

      there is a pretty nice price on the upgraded/bigger model Sofirn (rebranded as Wurkkos) HD20. Comes to AUD $52.19 delivered (after tax added and minus 3% coupon, and also with 15% off with code HX89E4YGOABI ) . Seems like a lot of extra features and run time for only $15 more. but bulkier. review

  • Is something like this a good option for running? Looking to get something with the days getting shorter for an early evening run.

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      I have one and I'd say no. It is a great torch but too big and clunky to wear whilst running/jogging

    • +1

      I can recommend Nitecore NU25.
      It is very light.
      I got mine at one of 20% off ebay sales for ~$40.

    • Good for longer distances but you might want something lighter (probably made of plastic).

    • You ana the largest throw. Wide light area and not spot bright. Otherwise you'll get TDI,zy running I think

  • -1

    How can i attach these to my bicycle's handlebar or helmet?

    • This might help but I'm sure if you spend some time searching (images and videos also) there will be many more ideas.

      Eg: image search

    • +1

      These are really good:
      Bicycle Light Holder Bike Lantern Bracket Flashlight Torch Mount Clamp Lamp

  • So….I got the Sofrin head light torch delivered today. Had the Sorfin box and everything - Opened and got a CREE light…..
    Some one did a swapies at the distribution center. Surely Amazon have more security than this? :(

  • My second order of lanterns arrived in Canberra from China exactly 2 weeks after I ordered them. Quite quick really.

    Currently charging both - they come partly charged. Using the Anduril UI 3 click system to check the voltage of the batteries, one showed 3.7/4.2, the other 3.5 (the light flashes whole volts first, then the tenths).

    • Shows what I know about 18650 batteries. Those numbers are the approx voltages when the battery is empty (uncharged). Doh!

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