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Telstra $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit for $239.99 Delivered @ Cellmate


Great price for this starter kit at $60 less than the original price of $300

Plenty of payment options accepted too with PayPal, Afterpay, Latitude, Zip, Laybuy, and POLI.

If you require the SIM urgently, please consider using express postage at an additional cost

Sim cards have an expiry of more than 1.5 years

This deal is for customers activating a new number or porting across from another carrier.

-150gb Data
-12 months expiry from the date of activation
-Unlimited standard calls & texts
-6000 minutes to zone 1 destinations & 800 minutes to zone 2 destinations. Plus 100 texts (SMS/ MMS) to any country.
Zone 1 destinations: (Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, UK, USA, Vietnam)
Zone 2 destinations: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, France, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

Pre-paid Mobile details can be found by clicking the link below

Can also be activated for prepaid mobile broadband
Pre-paid Mobile Broadband details can be found by clicking the link below

Offer is for customers activating a new number or porting in from another network. Cannot be used as a recharge for existing Telstra Prepaid customers

We thank you for your continued support and appreciation.

Friends if we run out of stock please subscribe to the product to get notified once we add more stock

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  • Can we port in a boost number?

    • Yes, but have to ring them.
      Can’t do it online

      • Thank you

      • Thanks mate

  • +1

    OP, any chance of a pre-paid recharge voucher with similar discount ??

    • Hello!

      Unfortunately we cant offer any recharge at this discounted price.

      Kind Regards

      • Hi there,

        can I port my post paid to pre paid to get this offer ?

    • I guess you could port out to cheap and nasty then port back in. Not sure if there is a minimum port out time

      • +1

        Did that for two years running …..:D

        Too much hassle especially when I was churning to/from Boost
        On Telstra for the foreseeable future now !

        • can you activate this and transfer the credit to an existing account?

  • Also get access to Telstra 5G network.

    • as per Telstra's website there is no mention of 5g access on this deal

      • I was on this plan previously and had 5g access

      • I'm still on this plan, I can confirm.

        I think from memory, the agent mentioned all prepaid plans above $30 or may be $40 get 5G access.

        • Above $60 for prepaid now.
          If you have 5G then it'll be there until your recharge expires. Then back to 4G :(

  • Zone 2 destinations: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Columbia

    interesting that a region of the USA is considered Zone 2

    • Lol.

      Report the typo and suggest the amendment to the mods.

  • Will I qualify for kayo deals from Telstra if Iam on this plan?

    • I’m curious to know this too!

    • Nope.

    • No. Telstra prepaid excluded

  • My current plan expired in late April from Kogan. Can I purchase the Sim now and only activate in late April?

    • Yes you definitely can

  • can i switch it to esim after activate? thanks

    • yes you can

  • Is this Telstra 5G network sim?

  • Cheers OP. Grabbed a couple for the wife & I. On this plan currently and is expiring next month so will port to Aldi then back

  • Just confirmed with Telstra this is not 5G it is 4GX.

    so wont be buying.


    • I have one of these and have it working on 5G

  • By the way, what can you buy with the included $100 "extra credit"

    • +1

      Extra Credit is for calls & text to standard international numbers, roaming and Premium SMS.

      • thanks

  • Any deal on $150 (6 months expiry) one?

  • Will I be able to buy this now and use after 2 months? Would I get 12 months from purchase or port from existing provider?

    • Yes you are correct. You can buy now and use after 2 months.
      12 months start from the date of activation and not date of purchase

      • Thanks. Is the default free shipping trackable?

        • Yes it is trackable. Once your order is dispatched you shall receive the tracking notification from Australia post directly

  • The discount code still works.

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