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Energy Australia: Up To $200 Cashback (New Signup: Gas & Electricity $200, Electricity $110, Gas $90) @ Cashrewards


This deals back! There's also a $50 electricity sign-up credit & $50 gas sign-up credit if you sign up

New Gas & Electricity Signups - $200.00 Cashback
New Electricity Signups - $110.00 Cashback
New Gas Signups - $90.00 Cashback

Special Terms
- EnergyAustralia products are not sold or available in NT, WA, TAS, or outside of the Energex network in QLD.
- Cashback will only be paid on new EnergyAustralia accounts, which includes existing EnergyAustralia customers moving into new premises.
- Existing EnergyAustralia customers who switch to different EnergyAustralia plans/plan at the same premises will not be eligible for cashback.
- If you purchase both a gas and an electricity plan, these will report into your Cashrewards account separately, and cashback will be credited to you as two separate transactions.
- Cashback will only be eligible when you sign up to gas and electricity plans via the Cashrewards branded EnergyAustralia landing page by clicking the Shop Now button from this page.
- Cashback is not available on solar electricity plans.
- Cashback not eligible on commercial/business meters
- Cashback is issued by Cashrewards, not EnergyAustralia.
- Cashback may take up to 14 days to track into your Cashrewards account.
- Cashback may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Unlikely to be worth it. Use https://wattever.com.au/ to compare

    • And why is this website not a scam like all the other comparison sites?

      These websites exist to pay commissions to the website owners including Energy Made Easy, the scam website operated by the energy regulatory body. The regulatory body is responsible for allowing the scam to operate by allowing obsfucated prices.

      • Oh please obsfucated prices? Incorrect

        I suggest you try it. It's not retarded like iselect or comparethemarket

        Relax bro and do some DD

    • Unlikely to be worth it.

      Get your cashback confirmed after 6 months, and then switch the hell away.

    • Anyone know how wattever compares with the Victorian Governments energy comparison site?

      I usually use the Gov site to avoid iselect and other similar crap offerings and have never heard of wattever so just wondering.

    • Why not compare via cashrewards and get cashback to move to another provider?

      EA was not that much more expensive for me (based on VIC). You have to do your own calculation.
      Cashback was approved in less than 3 months.

      My switch to EA was close to $200 net profit (because I also had 2x $50 sign up bonus).

      • To be more concrete, comparing with cheapest option available to me (is likely different for your usage/location!):
        Electricity was about $6 more expensive per month.
        Gas was about $13 more expensive for 68 days.
        Benefit was $300 in total ($50 of electricity and $50 of gas directly deducted on 1st bills from EA ; $110 cashback electricity and $90 cashback gas).
        After deducting the more expensive electricity/gas, I was clearly still in profit by (temporary) switching to EA.

        From memory, cashback for the switch was approved somewhere in the 2nd month.

  • This co. fools many with its name… Energy Australia..
    "EnergyAustralia (formerly TRUenergy) is an electricity generation, electricity and gas retailing private company in Australia owned by Hong Kong-based and listed CLP Group."

  • Energy Australia reduced feed in when I signed up a month after.

    Switched to Agl, one month later decreased my daily charge and usage, win win. Also. Getting $15 off my NBN too. Added bonus. 17c FiT

  • Good deal thanks for sharing. Had enough with Powershop. It's time to move on.

  • Nectr ended up being a lot cheaper for me than Energy Australia. Let alone how Energy Australia tried to rip me off multiple times and took a dozen of complaints each time to resolve issues. Very incompetent company.

  • How often can i switch between these? CR tracked in 2 month, just have my 2nd bill.

    • thats what i want to know.

      • I didn't switch back to EA because I wanted to avoid hassle.
        So just used cashrewards energy comparison site, signed up for the cheapest plan, and will get $112 back.
        (Tango and origin in my case).
        3rd change in +- 1 year

  • (profanity) energy australia for high prices and https://www.michaelwest.com.au/energy-australia-four-years-3...

    It's not even Australian.

    Use the gov Energy Made Easy site to get the best deal.

    • I just had the chance to read the article.

      Over the four years of available ATO data, the company has recorded a gargantuan $30 billion in total income and paid zero tax. Even on the skimpy $52 million it did declare in taxable income during those four years, it still paid zero tax. Tax rate not 30 per cent; tax rate zero.

      (profanity) this mob!

      We should all switch over for 6 months, get our cashback confirmed, churn over to a better provider. Rinse and repeat.

  • No thanks, unless you want to deal with Panthera Finance shit :)

  • I have solar panels, does that mean I’m not eligible for cash back?

  • Hi guys, Could someone please guide. Will you get cashback for just the gas plan if signing up only for gas i.e. $90? I have solar panel so can't go for electricity as well. Thanks.