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Masterbuilt 560 Gravity Fed Smoker Only $999 (Save $300) @ Barbeques Galore


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Barbeques Galore
Barbeques Galore

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  • Why not cheaper than $974?

  • Note that while its an excellent slow smoker, if used as a grill (as advertised) their is quite a bit of wear and tear applied to replaceable parts including mechnical switches and firebricks.


    • There are plenty of mods that one should do, it will add to the cost but likely extend the longevity by a much more significant margin.

      Still worth it even if you have to shell out a few extra hundred for the upgrades

      • For sure it's a great starting place for an excellent grill/smoker. Just making sure people are informed.

        • While I'm sure they'll fail eventually, I've had my 560 since September last year, done 3-4 cooks a week ranging from low temp smoking, grilling, to max 700 degree cooking (pizzas etc) and all of my switches are going fine still. They're easy to bypass and I've heard there's metal switches being released soon too.

          The hopper degradation is part of the design too; there metal chute is to hold the fire brick in place during delivery.

      • Yeah i've been following this one and really wanted it.
        Had to settle for an MB electric smoker on sale due to storage issues (and this one at full price was out of my range)

  • Seems like a monthly deal.

    Bbqs galore are good with replacements if you get a dud though

  • Any recommendations on something <$500 for someone looking to get into smoking?