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eBay AU: up to 2% Cashback (via Desktop, No Promo Codes) @ Cashrewards


ebay are back on Cashrewards. Useful if stacking with purchases made with discounted ebay gift cards.

Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, Watches & Accessories 2.00%
Health & Beauty 2.00%
Business & Industrial 1.00%
Cameras & Photo 1.00%
Electronics 1.00%
Mobile Phones & Accessories 1.00%
TV, Video & Audio 1.00%
Video Games & Consoles 1.00%
Sports, Home & Garden 1.00%
Food & Alcohol 1.00%
Appliances 1.00%
Automotive & Musical Instruments 1.00%
Baby, Toys & Games 1.00%
Computers & Tablets 1.00%
Music, DVDs & Movies, Memorabilia, Books, Comics & Magazines 1.00%
Pets 1.00%
Pottery, Glass, Crafts, Collectibles, Art & Antiques 1.00%
All Other Products (Not listed in Exclusions) 0.50%

Special Terms

  • Important: Until further notice, cashback on eBay AU is available only when shopping via a desktop browser. Cashback is ineligible if shopping via the mobile site, the Cashrewards app, or the eBay app.
  • Important: Cashback is ineligible if discount coupons or promo codes are applied to any transaction.
  • Cashback is eligible on purchases paid with gift cards, but ineligible on purchases paid with eBay credits (in part or full).
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase of Gift Cards, Vouchers, Stamps, Tickets, Coins, Money, Gold Bullion, Cars, Motorbikes, Boats, eBay Motors, Travel, Services, Non-Profit, Charity, Real Estate, eBay Plus Subscriptions.
  • Cashback is ineligible on auctions won with bid sniping tools.
  • If anything within your cart is unpaid, cancelled, changed or returned, cashback for the entire cart will be declined.
  • Do not click on advertising banners or sponsored links on the eBay website - this may result in not earning cashback.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.
  • Sales values are calculated based on currency conversions provided by eBay. Cashback is based upon these reported values.

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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