Who Has The best Pizza?

Who has the best pizza? I think Domino's or the local Italian are great

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    Pizza Hut
  • 30
    Crust pizza
  • 21
    The lebanese on the corner
  • 3
    The kebab shop in the city
  • 13
    The frozen food aisle
  • 477
    Your local Italian restaurant


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    next poll; who has the best bottled water?

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      I'd say whose the most bored prick in Australia will be next.

      • Your local Italian restaurant

        Any in south-east suburbs? (Vic)

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          Should move to the northern suburbs for good pizza. Embarrassment of riches over there.

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            @serpserpserp: .
            I think the winner of this poll is All Of The Above:

            By getting the cheese from Dominos, the sauce from Pizza Hut, the base from Crust Pizza, the meat from Kebab Shop, cooked by the Lebanese, inside the woodfire oven from the Italian Restaurante. And lastly have the receipt from the Frozen Food Aisle. 😁

    • Whose actually working on Friday afternoon?

    • pureau

    • https://www.broadsheet.com.au/national/food-and-drink/articl...

      Apparently this one if you're a celebrity. 10L cask goes for $49, compared to $4 for Colesworth brand.

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    Fat Pizza

    • +11

      they're big and they're cheesy

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      Actually the store that this show was filmed at in Chullora had great pizzas, the seafood pizza was one of the best I ever had and brought them regularly.

      • now a dumpling place according to google maps, lol

        • Bobo married that asian that scattered from the beach landing. Prob turned it into dumpling.

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    Air fried pizza.

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      Specifically, leftover pizza from the greasiest joint you know, that has been "aged" for at least a day in the fridge, then reheated in an air fryer.

      • Umm no, aged for a day or two in the "dark room" (aka the pizza box) is by far the best. Do not refrigerate.

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    Pizza Hut deserves way more credit. Destroys Domino’s any day of the week.

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      You haven't really set the bar high there!

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        Haha true, I only really eat Pizza Hut. Will always stand up for them especially when people mention Domino's. Pizza Hut is the underdog IMO.

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      Pizza Hut's pan pizza base is way better than the Dominos equivalent.

    • Pizza Hit thin base

      • our doms is better than local ph: quality + deals

    • +1

      My local one must just suck then. The base was very dense and sweet. The toppings were extremely sparse. It was a free pizza and I gave away the other free pizza code I had gotten because it was so bad I didn't even want it for free. I got some of their chicken and it was cold. Not heated to hot and it had cooled, it clearly hadn't even been heated through.

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        Something about "aged" stews, curries, and spag Bol. Always taste better than fresh.

      • From what I've heard they can be pretty hit and miss. My local Pizza Hut puts a great amount of toppings, base isn't too doughy or sweet. It beats my local Domino's by miles, but I've had more more success with PH than Domino's easily. Domino's pizzas are very "flimsy" and "light". Pizza Hut's are much more "substantial", heavy on cheese, when you pick up a slice it's bigger than Domino's, and heavier. Here's a photo of one I had recently, BBQ chicken.

        Damn now I want pizza……….

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    • And a very close second to 400 gradi

      • +2

        400 Gradi is the most overrated pizza i've ever had.

    • Doc is God level

    • DOC is excellent.

      So is Baby pizza, very close to DOC. It's my local.

      I must admit the average local Italian is more often than not pretty average.

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    You included the 2 worst options (Dominos and Pizza Hut) but not the best - the local pizzeria.

    • +1

      Local Lebanese and Italian on the corner.

      • What about Ahmed and Mario?

      • +2

        Most Lebanese places do halal or at least don't use pork products. Nothing wrong with that, unless you want any form of pork on your pizza. Perfect if you want manoush etc. Similarly, Italian restaurants usually do great pizza but they also usually have a very limited range compared to a full on pizzeria.

        • -7

          Halal not that animal friendly way of getting meat :(

          • +1

            @CheapSticks: If you're worried about animal friendly meat, I assume you avoid all animal meat. Killing baby animals to eat their flesh is not friendly.

            • -1

              @Miss B: Killing it halal way is cruel !

              • +1

                @CheapSticks: All animals are treated cruelly before they end up on your plate.

        • -3

          Halal is torturing the animal, slow painful death.
          When are the Muslims ever gonna evolve? Still carrying on with their old age beliefs.

          • +2

            @Shazam1: You must have a lot to say about Jewish people then, given the animals are stunned for halal slaughter, but not for kosher. Also, they don't have time to make sure they properly stun the animals for regular slaughter, so many are not stunned when they eventually die anyway. It's all cruel.

          • +1

            @Shazam1: Animals killed by torture are 100% not halal

          • +3

            @Shazam1: You are wrong and ignorant if you believe this, and if not, sowing seeds of hate based on lies.

            1.Muslims are not meant to hurt the animal (especially torture) more than it needs. A quick blade to the neck and let it bleed out. Nearly identical to Jewish practices.

            2.All abattoirs in Australian & NZ which are halal certified need the animal to be stunned prior to the blade, so this is in line with normal slaughter of animals. The only ones which are not stunned prior to slaughter are Jewish Kosher certified ones - now do tell me if you want to sow hate against Jewish people?

            3.Other factors in halal slaughter - you are meant to quicken the pain experienced by an anmial as much as you can by using a sharp knife, not letting it see other animals getting slaughtered prior to its own demise, giving it water and compassion before its slaughter.

            Yeah I realise I came out strong but there seem to be so many ignorant people who simply go by their own preformed biases and don't care about objectivity.

            • @khomeini:

              Nearly identical to Jewish practices.

              Because Judaism was there before Islam.

          • @Shazam1: Racist Pos. When are you going to evolve and stop being racist.
            Do your workplace colleagues know about your racist tendencies ?

    • +2

      this is ozbargain - free pizza is best pizza

  • +20

    Anyone who votes dominos or pizza hut have no idea wtf they are talking about.

    • so u voted for this
      The kebab shop in the city
      The frozen food aisle

      i dont think anyone thinks much when voting in thee posts

      i would have voted bikies to be honest
      best pizza ever

      • +1

        The frozen food aisle

        Honestly not much difference between this and dominos.

    • I agree, but am I wrong for not being a ham snob?

  • +5

    Hungry Jacks

    The Pizza's are better at Hungry Jacks

  • Your mum

  • For Sydney, I like Bondi Pizzas.

    • Try Epic Pizza. They sell by the slice. $6.25 for a big slice. And it is good. I went to Dominos once and all the delivery people wearing their helmets were in the kitchen pulling pizza out of the oven and cutting it up.

    • Pizza Fritta 180

      You're welcome

  • +7

    i cant believe dominos is the second highest ranking haha

    • +4

      The secret ingredient is value.

      • +8

        sweat and tears from underpaid employees?

        • That too.

        • That's foodie for "seasoning"

        • It is more tasty when you turn up to the store at 10pm at night, to get a $5 Hawaiian/Pepperoni and pay with 5c pieces while the poor uni student working two jobs doesn't even bother counting it because they are so tired of that domino's life.

    • Agree. They are rank…

  • +2

    Just don't get the kebab meat pizza, by the time it gets home it looks like it's been dipped in candlewax.

  • New York style Pizza destroys, in my personal opinion. Boroughs of New York is a recommend, for those in Brisbane

    • 100% best pizza I’ve had in Brisbane.

      • Oh and usually 20% off on EatClub app.

      • Have you been to Mozza Pizza and Pasta in Coorparoo? They are insane. Really good quality ingredients, wood-fire cooked pizzas.

        • Nope but will add to list. I’m in Morningside so local is good! Thanks

          • @polishka: Samesies! In that case, I'd also definitely recommend the Pizza Garden - they're brand new (used to be called DC Pizzas)

            and definitely get yourself to the Broken hearts Burger Club. It's old-school simple burgers from LA. If you've ever been to LA, BHBC consider themselves a sister restaurant to In-N-Out

            • @ThithLord: I had some left overs from wifey’s/kids Pizza Garden dinner a couple of weeks back, but need to go myself. Fully aware of BHBC and followed the story, just haven’t paid them a visit yet!

  • +1

    Most certainly not Pizza Hut, my pizza's from this deal were gross.
    In my opinion, Dominos is better if I don't feel like making my own

    • +2

      It sounds you haven't tried going to a decent pizza joint.

    • +1

      I ate at the most famous pizzaria in Rome. Pizzas were sloppy and overloaded like the higher priced dominos pizzas. I was pretty disappointed tbh

      • Pizza isn't from Rome. It's from Gragano in Napoli.

        Roman pizza is a different style and not the original nor very nice IMHO.

        • +1

          almost got to naples but wasnt much else on the tourist radar so sadly didnt go

          • @belongsinforums: Pity. It's a great place, the heart and soul of Italy. I have a holiday house there (not much use atm).

            Avoid the city as it's dangerous but head for the coast (Sorrento, Amalfi, Castellamare, etc.) just beautiful and amazing food, beaches, etc.

  • +2

    Best big chain; dominos
    My preference; my local, big fat loaded tasty pizzas

  • +8

    No option for Costco?

    • oof missed that one

    • +1

      I feel dehydrated for 4 days after eating Costco pizza

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