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Jabra Elite 65t $101.15 ($98.77 Plus), Elite 75t ANC $186.15 ($181.77 Plus) + Delivery (Free Plus) or C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


Some decent Prices on Jabra 65T & 75T models. A further 15%/17% off the existing deal.

Jabra Elite 65T $119 $101.15 or $98.77 (eBay Plus)
Jabra Elite Active 65T $149 $126.65 or $123.67 (eBay Plus)
Jabra Elite 75T $219 $186.15 or $181.77 (eBay Plus)
Jabra Elite Active 75T $249 $211.65 or $206.67 (eBay Plus)

Free delivery with eBay Plus or C&C.

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  • got the 75t's (active version) from a recent qantas store sale. Great headphones although some people talk about echo on phone calls. Passthrough audio works a treat though and awesome for running

    Also have the 65t elite active and the 75's are a decent upgrade in form factor. Would definitely recommend for sports - good audio quality too and loads better than going for a run with airpods.

    • Still for $100, the 65t would be great as your daily pair if you spend half your life on teleconferences and want to replace another pair. Mine are still going strong after 2+ years

      • I got mine second hand a couple of years ago for $100 and I've freakin loved them.

        Just a note for the punters though, I don't think pass through audio works at all on the 65ts. It says it works, it's got a slider and everything, just doesn't really do anything.

        • Pass through works really well. It may just be the app on your mobile doesn't work as it should. Try sliding one way then the other, and again. I connect to two devices simultaneously, and the app settings seem to compete.

        • I have the elite 65ts the passthrough works

      • agreed, great piece of kit for the price with the 65t

    • How much did you pay for75s

  • One of the few headphones in the market that can mute you on a call without the need of a phone!

    • I didn’t know they could do that

      • Are you saying the 75t can do that? That's probably my only gripe with the 65t

        Edit - that and the fact that it's not great at getting rid of background noise

      • I know for sure 75t does that, not sure about 65t.

        Mrs. Rake wanted headphones which can mute without the need of a phone (even on the webex app calls), after some searching I found these are some of the only ones that do that.

        And the mute is actually enabled by disabling the microphone altogether, so it doesn't matter if you are on an actual phone call or webex call or Teams call, you won't be muted within the app.. but a hard microphone disable on the earpiece.

        • Cheers - the 65t definitely don't have that feature, that may well tempt me to upgrade.

        • Didn't know about that - it's almost enough to warrant an upgrade, though will admit I'm not sure how much I'd trust it without being able to see a visual confirmation I tapped it just right

          • @toristo: Yep, I do love the Arctis 7 I got for my work from home setup for that very reason - nice red light on the mic when muted, especially useful when walking around during meetings. Also great at getting rid of background noise and keyboard sounds, with great range and great battery life to boot.

            Obviously a very different and mostly desk-bound product though.

  • Is the 85t much better

  • Is the 75T the one with wireless charging case?

  • Excuse my ignorance but do people get these for calls or listening to music

    • Excellent sound quality. 65/75. Call quality is good but picks up background noise quite sensitively.

      One big feature of these is ability to connect 2 devices to it at same time, say phone and pc. It's not perfect but I mainly blame Windows Bluetooth management

      • This is a great feature…I use them on my PC with vidcons and if a call comes in I want to get it will cut over to the phone for me automatically.

  • I've been using 65T actives for spotify on vivoactive 4 smartwatch for the past year as I edge closer to doing my first full Ironman mid year. Been fantastic and haven't found myself needing the extra battery life of the 75/85 models. Running and cycling without a phone required for music has been great.

    I'd say get the 65Ts if you're buying these on a whim or not a serious sports person then give it a year or two before going for higher end models. Save some $$$ and they do everything I want.

    Mind you, I have no idea what they're like for calls or in the office since I only use it in the gym and for sports. Have QC 35II for home use.

    Oh, and never use over the ear Bose ANC type headphones in the gym. After several months they get gross and sweaty and you can smell stale sweat on them at home/ in a plane. Had to replace the ear cups and give them a thorough clean and left them in the sun for a day to get the smell off. This was what pushed me to Jabras in the first place.

  • Thanks OP, got one :D

  • Bought the active 75t here for $216.xx delivered. Done a quick search and found JB has them at $219. Guess Officeworks can price beat for like $208 pick up.

  • Nice deal for local elite active, Waiting on mine that I ordered last week from the states for the same price

  • +1 vote

    FYI - Friends of Jabra normal prices below (can get through many companies):

    Elite 75t $179.40
    Elite Active 75t $197.40
    Elite Active 75t wireless charging $209.99
    Elite 85t $209.40

    FREE shipping above A$ 99

    Can check if your work email works here: https://checkout.jabra.com/store/jabra/en_US/DisplayActivate...

  • Code no longer working?

  • picked up 75t elite yesterday, absolutely fantastic.

  • Bought 65t from this deal. Build quality has gone to shit now that I compare it with the same model I bought 2 years ago.

    The case feels plasticky and so fragile , so do the earbuds. Comparing side by side the 65t from 2 years ago it feels like a completely different product.

  • I have same model from 2019 which is extremely solid build and great quality in terms of sound , but these I bought from tgg deal are completely different product in terms of build quality and feel very light fragile and plasticky. Even the sound quality is extremely weak and no bass. Tried different earcups sizes but no improvement.

    Returning them now