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15% Off / 17% Off for eBay Plus Members (No Min Spend, Max $1000 Discount) @ The Good Guys eBay (E.G Nvidia Shield Pro $289)


Greetings everyone, seems like a good sale at TGG :)

  • Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEDT on 5 March 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

  • The offer entitles:
    Non-eBay Plus members to 15% off; and
    eBay Plus members to an extra 2% off (total 17% off),

  • the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold at The Good Guys Australia (“Seller”) store, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 $289.67 for eBay Plus Members.

Hisense 65Q8 4K TV $1489.85 for eBay Plus.

Google TV with Chromecast $82.17 for eBay Plus Members.

Stack with 5% off Choice Gift Cards which include eBay via Cashrewards.

As always, enjoy!

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  • LG 75UN8100PTB 75" UN8100 4K UHD Smart LED TV $1655 any good?

  • Ouch! Yesterday I paid $980 for a Dyson V11 outsize with the eBay 10% off code + gift cards.
    Now it's $892…
    feels bad man

    • I could only get it at AU $920.51 delivered.
      Still very happy though!

    • arrr, I feel your pain. I do this all the time, just recently a cam I purchased dropped $400…

    • return it. I did and re-ordered.

      • Rly? Bing Lee ok with that?

        • They should accept, maybe others have more knowledge. Accept gift card in worst case.

          • @archieduh: Have you thought how much money they will lose when you sent the item back? Or you just don't care?

            • @TiLLiCoMe: Postage cost? Returning an unopened product.

              • @archieduh: It cost them money to ship the item out to you. If you return the item, would you expect 100% refund?

                  • @archieduh: How is this a troll? Legit question.
                    If I bought an item from you for $100 delivered and I return it, would you be happy to give me back $100?
                    BTW I didn't neg u

                    • @TiLLiCoMe: Your comments are surely to troll but in the rare case you're gullible here are my thoughts and why I feel no guilt, apart from the one you're trying to impart on me.

                      Returns policies exist for a reason.
                      There is economy of scale involved. A product costs x and selling price is x+y where y is the profit.
                      One expects to sell 1000 units and earn 1000*(y-z) where z is the avg delivery cost per unit.
                      But then as a business you do offer a return policy to make a customer comfortable. And as a business you do plan for it. Let's say 1%. So 900 units will lead to a profit but 1% a loss.
                      Business 101 i think.

                      So much so, the original seller hadn't even shipped the product when I asked them to cancel, they say it's handled by another department and asked me to let the shipment reach and then return it once received. Now surely the business has already weighed in what is the best process for them to maximise efficiency and profit.

                      This is not a poor franchisee or seller we talking about, the purchase is from a brand whom i am a regular customer of and I feel I am not doing anything wrong by returning an untouched item.
                      Online businesses save so much compared to real stores, if you feel no guilt returning a product bought in stote then clearly you're mistaken. The time spent by store reps to manage sale with you is as good as the postage cost.

  • Could someone recommend a good soundbar?

  • Hisense 65Q8 (local dimming) can get it now for $1525 + delivery if needed

    Pretty good value! This TV has an amazing vibrant and bright picture and great blacks.


    • Or $1489.85

    • Ahh this is so cheap.. I've been holding out for the 65" Sony X9000H but it's not on their ebay store (55" only)… everything keeps pointing me towards the Hisense

      • The Sony is a better TV if you watch sport (the Hisense isn't as good at motion) - perhaps take some example content into a store and ask to view it or get them to put some sport on instead of promo video).

        But…I don't watch hardly any sport and for everything else it is great. I could not justify spending another $500 on the Sony personally.

        • I also just don't like the look of the soundbar at the bottom of the Q8, apparently the Sony OS is much better and well.. I'm just more trusting of Sony.

          I have seen both in person and i'd say the quality of the picture is quite comparable.

          • @vexrz: I get that aesthetics for some is imortant. I wasn't fussed with the look, and functionally the soundbar does have decent sound for what it is (compared to standard speakers on other TVs). Good for those times I want to watch TV quietly and not disturb others but most times I just turn on external speaker set up.

            Yes, it isn't Android, but it is reasonably snappy. I don't really use it though. I just plug Google TV straight in, so again, operating system not too important for me.

            For some that would be a factor though.

            What I also like is how the legs are more to the middle, so I can fit it on my cabinet. So many tvs put the legs on the end - so annoying.

            • @placard: I'll be wall mounting my TV so the legs are non factor and the sound bar then makes it a little less sleek looking.

              This discount is however has to ignore…

      • X9000H is worth it.

        Also apparently the Hisense has limited apps.

    • Have you got it? Do you know it has a Bluetooth and is it possible to connect to headset at same time?
      Thank you

    • Have you got it? Do you know it has a Bluetooth and is it possible to connect to headset at same time?
      Thank you

    • I'm looking at the 55Q8 myself and I'm almost tempted to jump up to the 65Q8 because it's not a whole lot more…

      Currently have a 50" though and it's already big enough for the room, I'm wondering if it would be a step backwards to go so overboard.

  • If only they had the MacBook listed

  • Some great deals! Got an Xbox drive. I do love the pricejack disclaimer though- "Products may have been sold below the current listed eBay prices prior to the start of this promotion."

  • Just grabbed an LG OLED CX 55" for $2568, cheapest its been for a while.

  • Haha, i tried hard negotiating last weekend at TGG for a bosh washing machine, now it's $20 cheaper than my 'trophy price'.

  • No DJI drones too, but good price for Dyson, got a v7

  • Any reviews on Solt GGSHPD70 7kg Heat Pump Dryer? $680+ postage

  • No Apple 🍏 products. 😫

  • Is there any use case for a Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 for someone who has a Chromecast with Google TV for streaming?

    • Emulation basically. The built in AI upscaling is pretty great too, can definitely make lower resolution shows and movies look significantly better. I just upgraded from a Chromecast with Google TV to see how it goes and won't be going back, I can play up to dreamcast and gamecube games on it at least so far, and can run most ive tried so far in 4k native res.

  • Chromecast with Google TV seems more expensive than average retail prices?

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of these JBL wireless speakers T500BT

  • Can the Nvidia Shield Pro stream NBA league pass? Been looking to either get this or the Google TV

    • Looks like it can, well at least the description of the NBA app on the play store on the Shield TV Pro says it can. I just checked on mine, but I don't have a league pass to 100% confirm.

  • Thanks OP, been after a dyson V8 for ages, finally got the animal extra for 497

  • I've been waiting so long for one of these eBay sales to come I forgot what I wanted to buy.
    I guess gone are the days of the 20% OFF sales.

  • No DJI?

  • If anyone come across good printer like brothers (home usage ) part of this deal, kindly post here. Thank you in advance.

  • Bosch Series 6 dishwasher - $1217. Good, but not great…

    • I bought it August last year with a 10% eBay plus discount and Suncorp vouchers including delivery for around $1080 when dollar was lower.

  • Isn't the Phillips hue starter kit for $49 before discount really cheap?

  • Why no M1 MacBooks?

  • Looking at using the cashrewards choice gift cards to pay. Is there a limit to how many eBay gift cards you can use per transaction? Can anyone point me to the t&cs. Thanks

  • Bosch serie 8 washing machine, made in Germany with Cash rewards coupons and delivery down to $1078. Bargain!

    • Which model is that? I am comparing Bosch vs LG front loaders and getting confused

    • Is it this one?https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Bosch-WAW28620AU-9kg-Front-Load-Washer/143316265634

      If thats the one, can you share your trick to get it down to $1078 includes delivery?

      • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Bosch-WAW28440AU-9kg-Front-L...

        This is the best value for money Bosch washing machine, made in Germany.
        How to get it down to $1078:
        1. Apply 17% eBay Plus discount
        2. Buy $1100 worth of 5% off eBay Gift Cards using Cashrewards vouchers (see first post above)
        3. Pay remaining amount $33

        Total price, $1078 inclusive of $55 delivery

        • I think eBay still have max limit of 8 gift card in single transaction?
          Since only $100 eBay gift card available (please correct me if I'm wrong here), the max we can pay using GC is $800…

          • @ben1680: should be 7 gift card ($700) if using discount code

          • @ben1680: I bought 2x $500 and 1x$100 Cash Rewards vouchers which I then converted to 2x $500 and 1x $100 eBay vouchers. Like I said, this washing machine will cost you $1078, inclusive of shipping after all discounts (have checked my credit card statement too as I couldn’t believe how great this deal was).

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143951605874

    Anyone got any experience with the outdoor fridges?

    • Hi,
      too late for this sale, however I have had a DIFFERENT big glass door fridge outside before. In short; expensive to run.

      The door was double glazed. That leads you and I to think it must be insulated but that is far from the case. Inside each of my two doors was a 250W heater element to keep the glass from misting up. That's 2 doors, 24 hours for a total of 12kWhrs per day. in WA that's about $2.75 per day to keep the door unmisted. Then add to that the heat energy that is transferred back into the fridge from the door which in turn increases the compressor running time. So add the compressor running costs to your door demist cost and you find huge hole in your wallet.

      It was cool to look at but it really did cost heaps to run.

  • Thanks OP, needed a new TV - or so the teenager said..I was happy with the old 40" LOL!

  • Ordered a Cygnett case for Note10 plus, on clearance for $2, and applying the coupon brings it down further.

    Frugal self could not find plenty else that was a need, nor was the case though.

  • The Hitachi QLED tvs are the same tvs that sold as BIG W Eko tvs. With 17% off the 50" is 576 which is competitive with the pricing when they were available at Big W.

  • Thanks op! Mrs wanted a Miele Compact C1 Young Style Bagged Vacuum and it was included in the deal 👍. Legend!

  • When do these deals end? Is today the last day for these Ebay Plus deals?

    Looking at getting an Nvidia Shield TV Pro, but can't decide between the Shield, Apple TV 4K and I also don't know if the Chromecast with Google TV would be enough for my needs. I want to install streaming apps from different regions and use either a Smart DNS and/or a VPN for stuff I can't access via the Smart DNS. Which of these media players would be best. With VPNs, I assume you install the app for whatever VPN service you have to use it?

    Also, when installing apps from different regions, do you have to switch between profiles, or do they all stay in the same place and you can use either the Smart DNS or VPN to use the different region app?

    • Following….newbie here….and in which ways can we have the shield pro cheaper if we don't have ebay+ but have cashrewards/shopback…