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Brita Navelia MX Jug 2.3L Black With 1 Filter $12.84 Online & C&C Only @ Officeworks


This Brita Navelia MX Jug filters your water for you, allowing you to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water at your leisure. It has a compact design that's easy to fit in your fridge's door, a covered spout to ensure nothing falls in, as well as an easy-grab lid for quick refills. The jug comes with a replaceable filter already included so can start enjoying filtered water straight away.

This jug has a 2.3 L capacity.
The jug features Brita's MAXTRA+ filter to remove chlorine, limescale build up, and metals such as lead and copper from your tap water.
The jug is made from plastic.
It has an easy-lift lid to make refills simple.
The jug has a covered spout to prevent anything falling into it by accident.
It's BPA free for your peace of mind.
It comes with one filter, capable of filtering 150 L of water before replacement.
The jug is clear with a black lid.

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