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Free Delivery with Purchase of Tower Burger @ KFC App (Excl. ACT)


Free KFC Delivery through KFC when your cart contains one of the following items:

  • Tower Burger
  • Tower Burger Combo
  • Tower Burger Box
  • Tower Double

I believe that a fixed fee discount equivalent to the delivery fee will be automatically applied on checkout.

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      • +6

        What's next? A lettuce will = a filet mignon? When will it end?

        • +1

          When will it end?

          Alfalfa sprout caviar.

        • +2

          Artarmon and Chatswood Interchange are two I know about, but I remember there's quite a few more

          • +1

            @pennypincher98: Thanks!! I go to Chatswood often but never bothered checking their KFC

            • @Ceri: All good! It's their new store at the train station btw (idk if the Westfield store does it)

              • +6

                @pennypincher98: I've actually sent a message to customer support about 6 months back asking for a list of all the year round Hot and Spicy locations in NSW. They are:

                1. Artarmon
                2. Broadway
                3. Chatswood
                4. Dulwich HIll
                5. George St, CBD
                6. Haymarket
                7. Lindfield
                • @Naiht: The Chatswood Westfield store has removed Hot & Spicy from its menu. So its only the Interchange store that has it.

                  • @sifnot: Noted, it appears that the Chatswood store the rep mentioned was referring to Chatswood Interchange one and not the Westfield or Chase one.

  • +2

    Free delivery for 9 piece of Hot & Spicy to gym for my intra-workout meal plz.

  • +7

    Finally! Have been waiting for the return of the Tower burger for ages.
    Something so great about a hash brown on a chicken burger drowned in sauce and cheap cheese.

  • +1

    Since when did KFC start delivering?

    • +2

      they don't. it's delivered through DoorDash but ordered through the KFC App.

      • +1

        Why Doordash… KFC please

        • I'm guessing like everything else fast food restaurants do, it's the cheapest option.

    • Decades ago KFC did actually deliver themselves.

  • +1

    Heck Yeah! Add Double Pepper Mayo Please and Thank you.

  • +4

    Free delivery? I was hoping for free defibrillator with this burger.

    Nothing against the burger, eat in moderation please.

    • There's nothin' wrong with a little fast food once or twice a meal.

  • +4

    Also have been waiting for this to come back. They should leave it on the menu.

  • It doesn’t work in Sydney. Does it depend on the restaurant?

    • +2

      Starts in 3 days time. I did the same until I re-read the title.

    • +1

      only works in the future

      • I just visited future, and can confirm does not work in Sydney.

    • I've noticed that they don't have the tower burger in the restaurants in chatswood and surrounds or most restaurants in the Northern beaches. They've replaced it with the crappy "ACT only" promo of the "crunch burger". Why promote this burger is back, yet it's still unavailable!

  • +5

    Prices jacked up like crazy for all the tower items

    • +3

      If you look at pickup the prices are normal there, It's +$2, so essentially $2 delivery but only if you order a tower item.

      Also some non-tower items have been jacked, as well as some colonels offers missing.

      All in all not super terrible for a KFC delivery deal but not "Free Delivery", especially considering it wasn't like this a few days ago.

      • Prices are the same as all other delivery partners (Menulog/Deliveroo Etc) I think that's part of the agreement that no delivery service can have them at different prices.

        Also Delivery prices havent changed at all, they have always been that.

        • But you can't get the promo burgers on other apps?

  • Yep have put the prices up since last night and don't have the Tuesday 9 piece special on the app anymore.

    • Tuesday 9pc special is under New products

      • +1

        Yea can see it's there when picking up but not for delivery

  • Tower double is a flop though… Tried it last week and didn’t enjoy as much.

    • +2

      I think it's one of those things that's very dependant on freshness, crisp and hot - very good, Otherwise it's a pile of mush.

  • +1

    how come im getting additional tax at checkout? is it just me? 2x tower doubles was supposed to be $15.90 delivered but at checkout becomes $17.90?

    delivery fee is supposed to be $8.95 but when i just add one tower double the discount is only $7.95

  • +12

    Just found out the $2 extra on tower box or tower combo, and $1 extra on the tower burger when compare to pick up price.

    That's not free delivery!

    • Exactly, it’s misleading!
      $14.95 for pickup. $16.95 for “free” delivery….

  • -1

    I'm negging for not selling the tower in any Restaurant in the Canberra region.

    • There are other items which should give the free delivery promo

      • But they're crap. We want towers!!!

        • You can't have them, nothing teller than Parliament house.
          Time to move to another state.

  • +3

    Tried the delivery app a week ago.

    It failed miserably, there's a disconnect between the driver and the app.

    I've ordered a tonne of food delivery during Covid, not one of them failed to deliver.

    App says food would be left at door if no one is there.

    I was there the entire time.

    Driver claimed he came, but didn't leave the items at the door, instead returned it to KFC

    I suspect he went else where, the address section is peculiar.

    Also, in the checkout section, the price changes from what was in the cart section. At the actual checkout section the price of the menu item was increased and there is a weird extra tax that is not explained. This was on top of the $8 or was it $9 delivery fee

    • thats what i mentioned 3 comments above above the price difference… weird…

  • Is this a one day only promotion? When’s expiry?

  • +2

    Price jacked

    • -5

      Prices are more on delivery for literally every other fast food store on uber eats etc.

      • +2

        yeh it is.

        But KFC aren't being transparent.

        At the checkout, end, if you didn't notice, the price is increased and there is a mysterious added tax added on

  • +2

    Doordash driver ended up delivering my order to the wrong address or pocketed it for himself and marked as delivered … never had such a bad experience with getting food delivered before… I've used Doordash a few times in the past but nothing like this has happened..

    Called the KFC store it got delivered from and the manager was excellent, helpful & gave us a voucher but unfortunately only Doordash are able to refund so I need to call them in the morning.. sucks :/

    • +2

      This happened to me, my kfc store was unable to assist and referred me back to door dash. Door dash call centre in the Philippines was unable to locate my order details as it was done through kfc. COMPLETE UTTER FLOP!

      • Wow! Did you get up getting a refund yet or am I gonna need to call my bank?

        • +1

          The kfc support number finally went through to a Phillipines call centre and they were able to locate the order details and confirmed order was delivered to a different address.

  • +1

    Just had my delivery disappear as well. The KFC support number doesn't connect and Door Dash is unable to help as it's not officially through them. Saved on delivery, lost a lot more!
    Spent 15 minutes on the phone with Door dash call centre in the Phillipines and was unable to assist as the order was done through the KFC app, was told to call KFC, the KFC store was unable to assist and referred me back to DD as the order was picked up (even though not delivered).
    Great! Never ordering KFC delivery again even if the delivery is free cos the food goes missing!

    • This is why i was worried about calling Doordash as i couldn't deal with any more frustration today after last nights experience.. looks like we're gonna need to refund through our banks? Please let me know what happens! On my bank transactions it says the payment was made to the specific KFC store i ordered it from so I'm not sure what to do anymore as the manager was so nice on the phone ..

      • +1

        you need contact KFC Support on their website or call them. Payment was taken through KFC not doordash.

  • i cant seem to change the address, says store not found

  • App refuses to let me organise delivery - constantly errors - "Couldn't load restaurant information. Please try again later".
    Constantly signs me out, and won't let me sign in again with Apple ID. Deleted and reinstalled.

    Terribly buggy.

    And I actually like the Tower burger! Was looking forward to having one.

  • +2

    Price jacking with the fee being added to the item itself is not right - reduced sure but not free as promoted

  • Tried this yesterday. Order went through on KFC app, a door dash driver was assigned. Then it was cancelled (recieved a sms) while the door dash app showed that the driver was at the store.
    Trying again today, and it's trying to charge me delivery, even though the app still says free delivery with Tower burger.
    Just tried it again, and the delivery now comes off… but only if I order the combo. I don't want the drink or chips though.

  • Tried this tonight and got Delivery within 20mins. Happy with the service.

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