Wera Kraftform 300/7 Set 1 + 2Go case - Lasertip Screwdrivers $65.88 Post (Free w/Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Set of 7 300 Series screwdrivers in Wera 2Go case. Quality screwdrivers.

Price lowest** I've seen for this new release set. Local Wera distros charge $87 - $120 for this set.

  • Lasertip tips for more secure fit in the screw head
    These tips are where the magic begins. They really grip / bite into screws really well.
    Demonstration here
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
  • Multi-component Kraftform handle for fast and ergonomic screwdriving
  • Smooth hard zones for high speed turning, soft grip zones for high torque transfer

Set includes the below drivers

1 x PH1 x 80mm Phillips
1 x PH2 x 100mm Phillips
1 x TX15 x 80mm Torx
1 x TX20 x 100mm Torx
1 x TX25 x 100mm Torx
1 x PZ2 x 100mm Pozi
1 x 0.8 x 4 x 100mm Slotted / Flat

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    Still hoping they release a 7pc set with 7x PH2… :)

  • I normally struggle with cheap screwdrivers. Having a good set is very appealing. But I only need standard tips.

    If Wera have different ranges I don't want to accidently buy their 2nd tier versions. Are all the Wera screwdrivers the same quality?

    I am looking at this set which would better fit my need: https://www.amazon.com.au/Wera-05051010001-Kraftform-Screwdr...

    • Go for the XL set if it's for home/workshop. This set is more for mobile Wera2go systems.

    • I've searched for a decent set for years. I have a wera stainless set that are pretty good. Phillips head drivers are always a disappointment. I bought this set recently and man oh man they just grip. They will hold a fastener upside down. Plus they have the impact function which is a huge bonus. Look it up on YouTube. Best screwdrivers I have ever bought and I have a lot of them


      • I have Vessel long bladed drivers and they are great. But being JIS its not the right fit for most PH tips here.
        The only time I've really used JIS tips are on scooters / motorbikes from Japan.

  • Gone up $6 now.

  • I decided on getting these two insulated sets:

    $87.30 for 14 pieces (voltage tester included) and two racks:
    [05105631001] Kraftform Big Pack 100 VDE

    162 i PH VDE (for Phillips screws)
    [05006152001] 1x PH 1x80 mm
    [05006154001] 1x PH 2x100 mm

    165 i PZ VDE (for Pozidriv screws)
    [05006162001] 1x PZ 1x80 mm
    [05006164001] 1x PZ 2x100 mm

    165 i PZ/S VDE (for PlusMinus screws) (Pozidriv/slotted) (no Lasertip)
    [05006190001] 1x # 1x80 mm
    [05006191001] 1x # 2x100 mm

    167 i TORX® VDE (no Lasertip)
    [05006170001] 1x TX 10x80 mm
    [05006172001] 1x TX 15x80 mm
    [05006174001] 1x TX 20x80 mm

    160 iS VDE (reduced blade diameter) (no Lasertip)
    [05006440001] 1x 0.6x3.5x100 mm

    160 i VDE
    [05006100001] 1x 0.4x2.5x80 mm (without Lasertip)
    [05006115001] 1x 0.8x4x100 mm
    [05006120001] 1x 1x5.5x125 mm

    247 (Single-pole voltage tester)
    [05005655001] 1x 0.5x3x70 mm

    $42.07 for 6 pieces and one rack:
    [05347777001] Kraftform Plus Series 100

    162 i PH VDE (for Phillips screws)
    [05006152001] 1x PH 1x80 mm
    [05006154001] 1x PH 2x100 mm

    160 i VDE (for slotted screws)
    [05006110001] 1x 0.6x3.5x100 mm (Lasertip not in 14 piece set)
    [05006120001] 1x 1x5.5x125 mm

    168 i VDE (for square socket head screws not in 14 piece set) (no Lasertip)
    [05004780001] 1x # 1x80 mm
    [05004781001] 1x # 2x100 mm

  • I have a set of insulated laser tips for work. After having a few sets of screw drivers, the tip really does seem to stick a little better in these ones.