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Anko Accessories for Switch - Silicon Cover $6, 2 Pack Controller Grip $6, Gaming Case $6 (Expired) C&C /+ $10 Delivery @ Kmart


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  • Can I ask them to deliver to my store and then pick up? OOS where I live.

  • "2 Pack Controller Grips" are a must have accessory.
    I love mine!
    They give the split joycons a really nice ergonomic feel and make it easier for adults to hold that tiny controller.
    My only observation is that it doesn't have the led indicator to show which player number your controller is (others that I have bought off Amazon do have this feature).
    But the Kmart one is less than 1/4 the price of that one and the L+R shoulder buttons feel better on the Kmart one.
    Bargain in my opinion!

    • I am genuinely surprised with the kmart grips, it has good ergonomic design. It wouldn’t cramp my hands anymore when using tiny joycon! Good bargain $$.

      Btw for your notes on led, I am sure you can tinker it. Perhaps you could use a tiny drill bit to make holes where led light meant to be? :-P

  • Also I think it's worth noting the dual charging dock is on sale too!
    $8 (was $12).


    Although, I don't own this one in particular, but it looks like it's awesome value… I unfortunately paid $26 for a similar one off Amazon.