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Spigen Rugged Armor Samsung S20 FE 5G Case $14.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Finally a decent price for s20fe case in Australia. Spigen are good quality

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    • Of course, but spigen is premium. Cheap cases are cheap for a reason

    • I have purchased similar cheap cased on Ebay against a Spigen Rugged Case. The Spigen case feels much better and sturdier. Spigen case is of a better quality but still affordable price.

      For my Pixel 5 I bought a Tech21 EVO case. It does feel even better than the Spigen but cost almost twice as much.

  • Are Spigen Rugged Armor cases any good? I always been a griffin survivor rugged case holder.
    Im looking for similiar for a iPhone se 2020.

    • I had one for my OnePlus 5T. Dropped it a few times and no visible damage to the body of the phone or the screen. A cheaper case may have done the job just as well, but my Spigen has served me well.

  • Already seems to back up to $29.98

  • would 100% recommend spigen. dropped my phone a number of times, on the corner even and it has protected my phone. last dropped broke the corner of the case and the phone was still fine. ordered a replacement case exactly the same already :D

  • I have always thought Griffin survivor rugged was great always had for ipads and Samsung phone.
    Not really had experience with spigen