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[PC, Steam] Dirt 5 - $12.57 (85% off) @ Green Man Gaming


Possibly a price error as the Year One Edition doesn't have the same deep discount but Dirt 5 is -85% off at Greenman Gaming at $12.57. Activates on Steam.

Its on Gamepass and is a nice game and very much like the Motorstorm games.

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Green Man Gaming


  • Reviews are pretty bad on steam

    • It was free to play over the weekend on Steam. I played a couple of hours with my Fanatec gear which I was surprised even worked as I'd heard a lot of people have had problems. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and I found it pretty fun but it's in no way a simulator. Good value at this price.

  • still haven't played dirt4 since I got it on fanatical for around $1 recently, wondering if I should get this or wait for it to reach my price range.

  • I wish they’d just rebranded it and put more effort into it being a Motorstorm clone.

  • On Steam its $42 on with 50% discount.
    Has anyone purchased from this stire before? trustworthy? Does the game appear in your steam library?

    • Site is completely legit and very trustworthy, I have used it many times over the years without issue. You'll get issued a Key to redeem on the Steam store which will add it to your library.

  • Just 'finished' it. The game is way too easy even on hard. Few dozens of races to go through - It's good looking and kinda nice to handle, but not really a 'game' experience

  • Just purchased from GMG. Thanks OP. Been playing it on the free weekend and have enjoyed the easy to get into action. Great graphics and slick Sega Rally-like arcade gameplay. It's not trying to be a sim, just fun.

  • I really regret buying this game, play DiRT 4 instead, it is far superior.