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75% off Body Science Protein Bars and Powder @ Coles (Online Only)


Coles have 50% off most their Body Science range (branded Bodyscience or BSC), presumably til end of Tuesday 9 March as per their weekly sale schedule.

However, TODAY ONLY, Coles take another 50% off the in-trolley price of all Body Science Protein Bars and Powder as part of their 28 Days of Healthier Living promotion.

Surprised to see my half-priced BSC bars auto-discounted another 50% in my online trolley — NO CODES REQUIRED.

50% off half-priced items means 75% off BSC protein bars and powder, e.g.,

  • Cookie Dough High Protein Low Carb Bar was $4 now $1
  • Rocky Road High Protein Low Carb Bar was $4 now $1
  • Cookies & Cream High Protein Low Carb Bar was $4 now $1
  • High Protein Peanut Butter Muscle Bar was $5 now $1.25
  • Vanilla Flavour Whey Protein was $23 now $5.75

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  • Online only it appears

  • Thanks so much OP! Anyone tried the honeycomb high protein balls?

    • yeah, they're okay, not to my taste. i prefer the cookies and cream flavour

      • I bought a bunch of both of them as the reviews seem positive for both.

        I ordered some for pick up Tuesday and another for pick up later in the week just in case it's out of stock on my first pick up.

        • +1 vote

          i hope you like both flavours. i already stocked up last year and i swear by them, especially now i'm cycling so much.

    • just finished off the one pack I ordered…. wish I had bought 10, very nice.

  • still 50% for me not 75%??

  • just got 30 low card protein bars for $30 - sweet

  • Just ordered 5 of the protein powders, $28.90 for 2kg of protein powder. Pretty good deal. Lets hope they have them in stock.

    • +1 vote

      Not as great a deal as I initially thought. Looks like the serving size is 60g for only 21g of protein, whereas protein from Bulk Nutrients for example has a serving size of 30g for 22g of protein. Essentially this protein is double as diluted so you're paying closer to $57 for 2kg.

  • Ah Ok thanks any promo code?

  • Does anyone gym junkies out there know if this stuff is any good for a 40 year bloke who’s just slowly getting back into gym past 3 months. Working on the Dad bod!

  • The ingredients list in all of these are soooo long :/ Wish they were more real food and less frankenfood as i'd load up!

  • Gimmick ingredients?? Or has it been "scientifically"proven to be the right ingredients?

    Things are usually on special for a reason…

    How do these taste? Do they taste as good as Carman bars?

    How do the protein powders taste??

    • No idea if they claim anything to be "scientifically proven", but the powders taste fine. As for bars I prefer the taste/texture Musashi myself but the Low Carb bars of these are alright.

  • *minimum order $50 before discount

  • Has anyone found a working promocode? 1st Time I've ordered online for click and collect at local COles for tomorrow morning pick up

  • Not to go overboard with the bars, found myself with an upset stomach. There's maltitol in the bars.

  • WTF is wrong with the online shopping for delivery? cant select any time slots, keeps coming up with an error.

  • Ordered 5 x 5 packs cookies & cream and 12 each if the other flavours - 73 bars for $66.75 - thanks for posting, hard to get these any cheaper than $1.80

  • Hey nice bargain! Thanks.

  • $50.25 order. You saved $150.75!
    Just hope all my stuff is available when processing and they don't replace it with something else.

  • Nice deal! We have these every day so stocked up! Likewise, hoping they aren't replaced with something else

  • wow! awesome find OP! :)

  • Such a ridiculously good deal! Cheers OP

  • This is great value guys.

    Look at the low carb 5pk for $7.50, I believe 20g protein per 60g bar.

    That's like $3.75 for 5 bars/100g protein.

    I normally buy P45 on sale which are 45g a bar, but around $2.50 a bar. It's very close in price, but you get smaller amounts of protein which is ideal too.

    I bought $50 worth, mixing it up only because I have 80+ bars already from other deals 😂😂😂

    Honestly the protein powder is around $6 for 500g, that's $12-13/kg
    That's ridiculous

    I'm tempted to buy more lol

  • are these like the ones from the simpsons that are mainly apple cores and shredded newspaper?

  • Oh dear…

    Estimated total: $86.01
    You've saved: $257.89

    This is true OzBargain value

  • Thank you so much, a fantastic deal!

  • What an absolute bargain! Bought $100 worth of bars and powder. Thanks OP!!

    Now just hope they're all in stock still tomorrow!

  • Thanks OP, bought 31 bars at $31.40.

  • "50% off BSC Range. One Day Only. -$55.75"

    Cheers :)

  • Spent - $109.05
    Saved - $326.25*

    Why do I feel like I should buy more…

  • Not working for me. Still showing in cart at 50% off only.

  • I had to spend $60 to get 2400 bonus FlyBuys. It's a bit of an insane deal. The banana protein shakes are pretty yum btw.

  • Did anyone get theirs successfully? My order was out of stock and therefore cancelled

  • Yep my order went through & I got about 80% of the items I ordered.. (Estimated total: $86.01, You've saved: $257.89).

    Had 6 boxes of the BCS Cookies & Cream Low Carb 60g Bars (5PK), switches for 6 boxes of Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whip'd Cookies & Cream Protein 30g Bars (4pk - Normall $9 at Coles, currently discounted to $6. Wasnt really happy with that as it was about 5 x 80g difference!! Not sure why Coles assumed that would be the best alternative BUT at $3.75 per box, I guess its still quite cheapish?

    Also had quite a few of my single 60g Bars (e.g. Salted Caramel) switched for Rocky Road 60g Bars. Im not a fan of Rocky Road so dont know how these will go..

    But overall, still a good deal. I did see someone elses Click & Collect Order next to mine and it was 3 x 12 boxes of the 60g bars so can only assume thats where my other flavours went haha

    • This is the problem if some people over purchase and buy massive quantities, it means the other people miss out.

      • I guess this is how OzBargain works sometimes :)

        • yeah, but it didnt as much back in the beginning. But with the sheer volume of non members as well as these days there are shops on here that bulk buy these kinds of deals to then on sell themselves for a tidy profit.

          • @lonewolf: Yeah you are completely right on that one. A bit of a shame because we're all looking for a decent bargain. Would be good if half of us didnt miss out all the time..

  • Got mine, 40 $ total about 50 bars with the 5pk deal

    Not on sale anymore in coles website so maybe they accidentally applied 50pc off twice? Once for sale price and another in check-out?

  • I haven't received any emails this morning, lol.

    When do they let you know about stock? I selected 12-2 pick up.

  • Alot of people seem to be comparing these protein powders to pure protein powders big difference. These have relatively cheap carbs in them and they are not pure protein. So you cant compare them to the price of pure protein products. Also i havent had their bars in a while but generally most of my experience with their bars or musashi etc is the flavouring and texture is nowhere near as good as some of the other overseas brands. But its a decent price still. Of course the issue would be if you dont like the texture or taste you may end up not wanting to eat it. Thats always the catch with protein bars i find or even protein powders for that matter.

  • I think I got ripped.

    Item you ordered Qty ordered Qty supplied
    BSC Cookies And Cream 5 Bar Multi Pack 200g 5 0
    Item we supplied Qty supplied
    Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whip'd Cookies & Cream Protein Bar 120g

    Refer to product packaging


    Those 300g packs were $7.50, so $3.75

    These 120g packs are $6

    Can I cancel these in store when I do pick up? It's BS, or complain online for credit?

    They charged me like $8 less, but these products don't compare at all. Those packs were good value, otherwise I would of bought more single bars.

    • Exactly what happened with me!

      Item you ordered: BSC Cookies And Cream 5 Bar Multi Pack 200g 5 0
      Item we supplied Aussie Bodies Lo Carb Whip'd Cookies & Cream Protein Bar 120g

      I had 6 of my BSC 5PK 200g boces swapped with 6 x AB 120g boxes..

      • Their actually 300g.

        Even tho they only charged me 50%, it's just annoying because I would or ordered single bars and they could of just replaced a box with 5 single bars.

  • Had my order cancelled.

    Had about 15 bsc products and couple other things and said out of stock.

    I highly doubt everything was out of stock, would they have cancelled because they couldn’t fulfil he whole order?

  • I ordered $80 or so worth of stuff ordered 4 vanilla protein whey only 2 in stock they substituted it for chocolate.

    So yeah they fulfilled my ordered got all my bars! :)

  • Missed out on everything - cancelled the whole order

  • I ordered a fair few different ones, only had 3x substitutions:
    - Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar 60g (instead of the BSC ones of the same flavour)
    - A double rich chocolate shake for a double expresso one (fine)
    - and as above 3 boxes of the Cookies and Cream bars for the 120g box of Aussie Body ones.

    All the rest appears fine. Overall, great outcome. Last time I stocked up when 50% off and the guy on checkout was impressed or concerned. But 3 months later I'm all out!

  • Boo erns. got 0.

  • All mine were substituted, at least it wasn't cancelled. Same issue with the cookies and cream, it was subbed with the Aussies body lo-carb. Would've preferred something better. Quite happy with the Quest bar sub for cookie dough though.

  • 20 bars, 2 vanilla protein bars and 2x5box supplied.

    Ordered 6 of the 5boxes but didn't ask for substitute. Picked up today (picked in the hour before hand) and there was plenty of boxes still there.

    Complained at front desk and all they said they could do was sell them at today's special price of $12. Not happy.

    Manager meant to ring me tomorrow but I'll be following it up