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20% off Electric Coffee Milk Frother Handheld Egg Beater $20.70 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Simonpen via Amazon AU


20% off Electric coffee Milk Frother, Handheld Electric Egg Beater, Electric Drink Mixer
3 Speeds Foam Maker with 3 Different Heads, USB Rechargeable Mini Blender for Coffee Latte Cappuccino Hot Chocolate

Use it in correct way can extend its life.This Milk Frother machine body is not 100% waterproof, if water penetrate the machine, it may damage the circuit board / electric motors / battery. We suggest customer do not dip the machine into water when use it.
When you clean the electric frother, please just wash the pole and whisk, for the machine body, you can use dry cloth to wipe it.

For this kind electronic product, it is impossible for 1 product satisfy all customers and meet every customers' individual needs, you may not find 100% positive feedback product, what we can do is comparing and find a better one, we recommend you try this product.

*Great tool to have in the kitchen
*3 Speed allow you to choose the suitable whisk speed according to your needs
*Safety material - Food grade stainless steel. No worries about cleaning.
*1200mAh rechargeable 18650 lithium battery. Convenient in daily use.
*We provide one year warranty on the Simpeak Milk Frother. No worries about quality.

Package Included:
1x control rod
1x milk frother
1x egg mustache
1x food mixing head
1x USB charging cable
1x pricing base
1x User manual

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  • I really like this and the idea of it.
    Only use the milk frother attachment and it does the job. Heat up milk in microwave and give it a froth for the morning 'cino.

    I can't think of anything you could do with the 'mixing' attachment as it spins too fast, and doesn't have enough torque to mix anything….

    BUT - My first one stopped working after a month or so, and now my second one after 2 months is shaking the handle violently, usable, but annoying af. It's like it's off centre or something.

    Great idea - quality… So so

  • I use this daily as a mixer and it’s actually really good. It’s been a month and it’s going strong. $20 is a good price in my opinion.

  • This creates froth. If you want something that creates silky latte foam, a simple frother won't do it. This on the other hand… https://subminimal.com/products/nanofoamer

    • Whoever negged my comment, did you have a look at the product? I got one and love it. And the body is waterproof.

  • Ive got one that works with 2 x AA🔋batteries already. Wondering if this gonna be better as I need a bit more power to mix proteins shakes
    Edit: Got that one, which was 18$ 6months ago https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08882KS55/ref=ppx_yo_d...

    • I gonna auto reply. Since I put 2 Good 2100mAh AA batteries I don't think this one would be stronger as it's only 1200mAh