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[PS4] Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection $18 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good price for a classic collection of SF games on PS4

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  • Thanks OP. Bought. Great deal.

  • Hadouken!

  • Only get this for the nostalgic value, not if your thinking to play it and get good entertainment out of it!

    I grew up with SFII and as a teen was hooked on 3rd Strike. Bought it as I wanted to relive my childhood days playing 3rd Strike at my local arcade (Time Out Box Hill) and was never able to find 3rd Strike in any console until this 30th anniversary.

    Bought it and fired it up thinking I’d smash out the parries and multiple combos, but was so underwhelmed by the graphics and screen size. Played for 30 minutes and shut it down never to fire it back up again.

    I bought it for around $30 if I remember a while back. Good for nostalgia and happy to keep it, but I don’t think I’d bring it out again any time soon.

  • Bought it to get graded

  • Was the Hong Kong flag censored in this too?

  • Wish Switch version was cheaper.

  • Ozbargain'd. This OP pushed to number one seller video games LOL. Super good price for physical copy.

    I just found out same price on Gamesmen. That's why Amazon AU used auto cheapest price match.


  • People on steam complaining about Guile cheating makes me lulz.

  • Great find, would have been nice if they included the ex series

  • If you're buying this to play online? Id stay far away from it.
    I bought this at launch for both PS4 and Xbox One.
    every so often Id check to see if online has improved.
    Still an awful mess online :(

    • Strange how you'd neg a deal whilst asking a question on whether people are getting it for online play or not.
      Let's suppose we mainly want it for the nostalgic, single player , how'd you neg it at $18?