expired E-Book: How to Set up a Classroom for Students with Autism Normally USD$10.00 Now FREE Limited


Ok not for everyone but I know there are Teachers on here and perhaps others that could use this and pass it on to Teachers of special needs or Autism.

Normally $10.00 today only FREE

http://www.autismclassroom.com/merchandise/ scroll down it is the first one up top.

There is also a few others for Parents etc that are half price or cheaper!


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    Did anyone manage to get this? I just got an error message at the checkout - and as a new primary teacher it would actually be pretty handy!


    now cost .25cents til the end of the day



    someone got the ebook, pls share


    Ebook FREE TODAY 1/2/12-

    Sorry Our Free ebook give away is over. We reached our free ebook limit capacity!!!! ( I was unaware there was a limit, however, our provider says it is so.) The next best thing I can do is offer it for $0.25 cents for the remainder of the day. SO SO SO Sorry.

    Still seems like a good deal for those interested


    I ordered this at midnight. I haven't tried to download it yet though, but it states only one download will be accepted, although it states the link will stay alive for 5 downloads…

    Go figure.

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    May want to change the title to reflect the change.

    I know 25c is nothing, but some more excitable ozbargainers may start to criticize…

    Still a good deal in my book :-)

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    25c is still a 97.5% discount. Even if you don't NEED it, I think this will be a good read..reviews on amazon have been not bad. So 25c is still cheap as if you ask me.

    To any current/future primary school teachers reading this, I Would also recommend the Lesson ideas and activities one @ $4. Note that these are not just suitable for children with autism but any kid (with or without a diagnosis). The basic principal behind recommendations are the same whether a child is diagnosed with autism or not.

    Also to new teachers, if you are really interested, I would suggest you consult the speech pathologist and/or psychologist visiting your school (if you have one..most should) for more info. There is a lot of information out there, some of which may not be evidence based. So just be aware because in the US it is all about marketing and sometimes people just take advantage of the fact that some parents will try anything.


    What happened to $0.25 for the rest of the day? It is $5.00 now


    only useful for primary school teachers??


    Grabbed it at $0.25, still a good deal :)


    WOW a bit stricked????