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2 Grill Masters Pulled Beef & Angus Burgers for $10.50 (Normally $21) @ Hungry Jack's (App Voucher Required - Single Use)


New offer from HJ's. In the voucher section of the Hungry Jack's app, there is a offer for 2 Grill Masters Pulled Beef & Angus Burgers for $10.50. Buying 2 would normally cost you $21. It's a single use offer which requires you to order with the app or phone is fine when showing it to a staff member when ordering. Expires April 5.

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  • +2

    Good deal but my diet says no after looking at the nutrition value hehe.

    • -4

      The numbers looks really big, it there should have a lot of nutrition.

    • +4

      slowly backs away

      ENERGY 3980 kj
      DI 46%

      PROTEIN 49.4 g
      DI 99%

      FAT 65.3 g
      DI 93%

      SAT FAT 23.2 g
      DI 97%

      CARBS 45.0 g
      DI 15%

      SUGARS 9.8 g
      DI 11%

      SODIUM 901 mg
      DI 39%

      • +7

        Grind same stuff into dust and sell it as ”GYM MUSCLE BUILDER FAT KILLER 9000” and chumps will eat it up!

      • +4

        This is fantastic for me on a Centrelink budget… that's a lot of macronutrients & a break from the usual budget stuff. Add some porridge & sprout salad somewhere in the day, and done.

      • is that combined total for both or just for one?

        • each

          • @MSG: bought both the other day and finished them for dinner. Felt bloated AF after… Never again…

      • Thumbsup for subjective info! A suggestion, cut out the inflamatory soy-oil based mayonaise and maybe the insulin spiking sugary bbq-sauce and the macros will most likely change significantly. In my opinion it's worth a try!

      • The amount of fat on it is a little high…. just saying

  • +1

    You can't spell Agnus without …….

    • +12

      GNU, an extensive collection of free software, which can be used as an operating system or can be used in parts with other operating systems?

    • +1

      Agnus Dei, Lamb of God. Tasty.

    • +1

      Yes you can't spell Angus.

      • Exactly you can spell Angus without Agnus

  • +8

    It was Agnus all along!

    • This is my 15 minutes… Like that hodl guy.

  • Was so tempted but I think my body will thanks me for going 2 rebel whopper cheese for $10 instead. I hate to miss a bargain though…

    • +1

      Actually it's lower in salt than the Rebel…Grill Master and a 15k bike ride me thinks.

  • Lunch sorted 👍.

  • Anyone have trouble finding voucher? Not in my exclusive vouchers section?

  • +1

    All good suddenly appeared.

    • I don't have it as well after waiting a day. How long did you have to wait?

      • +1

        I think I restarted the app and then I saw it appear.

        • Yea still nothing for me when trying that… on existing and new accounts. Anyway on the bright side good to lose weight by not eating!

          • @donamique: Have u updated yr mobile system? Have u updated the app?

            • @Jay408: Apps freshly downloaded. Had deleted before. Tried on both Android and ios lol maybe it's Easter period and they've stopped giving out?

              • @donamique: I reckon go to your local as it expires 5 april. Or go to a bigger store if you can as it says only at participating stores. Did you activate your location etc?

              • @donamique: Can u use yr friend's phone? Log in with your ID c wat happens.

                • +1

                  @Jay408: yup enabled location. Not sure if it's store specific? Would assume it's account specific? Used 2 different phones already one ios one Android. All good mate don't sweat it I'm sure some other promo will come up. I've had their Angus with the fried onions before and it's good!

  • Is anybody else having trouble opening the android app? It gets stuck on the loading screen for me and I can't even press back. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling too. Been like this for almost a week now :/

  • +1

    Just had this and it was great. Would recommend.

  • Showing item only $10.70 for me (3173)

    Gonna grab today.

    Edit but funnily offers shows $10.45 at checkout.

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