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[eBay Plus] Boost $300 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit 240GB $209.95 | Boost $200 95GB $140.25 Delivered @ Auditech_online eBay


Boost$200 - $140.25

Boost $300 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit - Unlimited calls + 240GB $209.95 Delivered @ auditech_online eBay

BOOST $300 few other sellers similar price

Boost $200 few other sellers similar price

Original Coupon Deal

Important information

Activate your SIM by 29 March 2021 to be eligible for bonus data.

You will not receive the data stated in the title otherwise

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  • Very Good Price

  • +2

    Damn I just paid $240 the other day from cellmate :(

    • Same. How low can prices go. FFS.

  • Do you guys know when the expiry/used by date? I can't seem to find it.

    • +1

      10/ 2022

      • Thanks!

        • it actually shows

          Activate before 01/2022

  • If only they had eSim

  • +1

    Just bought Amaysim 6-Month Plan a few mins ago

    • +1

      That one still way cheaper after CB.

  • +1

    Has anyone had any experience in using this to recharge? Mine expires on the 22nd of March

    • this isnt a recharge, its a new SIM.
      If you on Boost you would need to port out and port back in to boost using these SIM starter pack

      • How long before you port back in?
        Do you have to wait a certain number of days?

        • I was originally with Boost, ported out for a day to Optus, and then ported back to Boost. Porting only took less than 5 minutes each time, but they usually say it will go from 4-48 hrs so it's better to port a few days earlier.

      • Is porting out and in a hard process?

        • nt really if u port out to Optus or Vodafone its like 5 mins.. Stay with them for week or so and port back in to Boost

          • @Mitr: Thanks

          • @Mitr: When you port back in to Boost do you have to use a different email address, credit card etc to
            re-classify as a new customer? Thanks.

            • +2

              @Global Nomad: I asked Boost Mobile web chat yesterday about porting out/in to access their bonus data only available to new customers.


              Instead of porting your number to other provider just buy new SIM card and activate it. We can still transfer your old number to that new SIM. The bonus is eligible for new customer and newly activated SIM.

    • +2

      I recently had success (bought the cellmate deal) with politely asking them on webchat to apply this Sim credit to my current number.

      The way they were able to work around it was to set up my Sim as a new number, then change the number of the new SIM to my existing one.

  • +1

    you need to be an ebay plus member to use the code

  • Great price just no more bonus data.

  • Bought two, thanks.

  • The 240GB kit is a steal

    • No brainer, less than 20 bucks per month.

  • Seller just jacked the price. It is now $229.50 after the code. What a shame!

  • +2

    The data given in the title includes bonus data.
    Fine print says activate by 29 March 2021 for the bonus data.

    Otherwise it's 30GB only on the "$200" plan

    The "$300" plan still gets 240GB

  • Thanks OP. Paid $229.50 but still worth it.

    Any tips on porting out of Boost and back in with the starter sim again? First time doing this.

  • Damn.. I ordered the $200 a couple of days ago at $156.. doh.. Oh well.

    • Thank you. Bought one

  • +1

    FFS i bought the cellmate deal. Oh well still cheaper than Telstra

  • +1

    I’m only here for the Port Out questions.

  • I reached out to seller to match original price. They stated Boost has asked them to increase the price.

    I smell BS here!

    • That's bullshit. The deal might be popular and it might hits their targets.

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