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[eBay Plus] Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (International Model) 8GB/128GB $708.05 Delivered @ myphonez00 eBay


One of the best value phones you can get from Samsung, not the lowest price of all time but still an amazing deal.

Stack with 5% The Choice Gift Cards from CR to bring it down to around $673

Price may vary depending on the colour.

There is also another listing that offers it for a bit more from fastcomm

Pointed out by Lionking48, this is the Overseas Model

Original Coupon Deal

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  • should i get this or s21 for 1000

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      imo you should go for s21, for 3 reasons:
      - its the latest chip which uses smaller transistor architechture
      - its a "flagship" product
      - its newer and technically holds more value in the resale market down the line.

      Of course the value of any feature/pro/con varies depending on each person.

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        As someone who's owned both the S21 and the S20 FE 5G, I would pick S20FE 5G for the distinct fact that S20FE 5G has the SD865 vs the Exynos 2100. The Exynos ship is so laggy and the camera app is so slow where as the SD865 is snappy. You also get microSD support. Battery life is also better in my experience, and the refresh rate is solid 120Hz always which is actually nice. When I pull down the notification bar when watching Netflix it comes down at 48Hz / FPS on the S21 due to the adaptive refresh rate where as it's always 120Hz on the s20fe5g.

        S20FE 5G > S21 Exynos.

    • +5

      100% you should go with the s20 FE 5G instead of the new s21. The s21 over here in Aus is the exynos 2100 version which (although isn't as bad as last years), is still behind the snapdragon 888 variant that the US gets. the s20 FE 5G comes with the snapdragon865 from last year which is superior, (s20 fe 4G comes with the exynos990 from last year-so no one should be buying that in Aus).

      Yes resale value will be higher with the S21 down the line, but no way will you make back the extra $300 you're thinking about spending for the s21.

      I think the s20 FE 5G is the way to go. Save yourself a bit of money and still get to the flagship internals from only a few months ago!

      Apologies if I didn't explain it well. I'm meant to be 'working'. Have a look at this video review if it helps.


  • Direct import.

    • Seems so, the model number listed on the product page doesn't match up with what the Samsung store offers.

  • Only worry is warranty

  • this one or Pixel 4a 5G for better camera shots?

    • Not sure on the FE camera but it is noticeably worse than the S20+ camera. I own both, I prefer the 4a5g as a phone but not for its camera.

    • Better camera shots, you need to be clearer, what are you taking photos of? And video?

      • just family member photos, my Mrs tells my Samsung A70 is trash every time she is using it to take photos.
        Basically need a new phone with better camera than Samsung A70, budget is $600-800

        • So just people standing directly in front of you? That's all you do with a phone camera? no videos/zoom/portraits etc

          • @onlinepred: def videos and portraits, not much zoom

            • +1

              @Sidor: So because 4a 5g doesn't have optical zoom, it's portrait shots are entirely artificially generated which if you print out will look stupid, but if you don't print then it's not a big deal. Video ability is still slightly better on S20FE, but with both you aren't getting flagship grade video/photos anyway.

              The 4A 5G will be ALOT better than your A70. For basic photos you will get more out of the 4a over the S20FE.

  • I believe there is a dual sim version available for $850 before coupon. if you are buying an grey import you're better off getting the dual sim option of which there is no local stock anyway

    • Do you have a link?

      • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Samsung-Galaxy-S20-FE-5G-128GB-8GB-RAM-Snapdragon-865-AU-Seller/224296277714?hash=item34391996d2:g:FNoAAOSwJq9f5Ag1:sc:AU_Regular!2222!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

        dual sim in description

  • If anyone wants local stock this is back in stock again

  • +1

    I wouldn't recommend buying a mobile phone without a local warranty. A few months back, took the phone to Samsung as it was turning off by itself all the time. They have replaced almost everything, battery, screen, charging port, etc. It was just before warranty exprises. Phone is running like a new phone right now and wouldn't mind using it for another year.

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    I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Buying a grey import for this particular device, which has a well documented history of touch screen issues, is very risky. If you get one with a dodgy digitizer, and there's a pretty decent chance, your warranty claim becomes a massive headache.

    I would be avoiding.

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      grey import

      • thanks

        • Local stock only 6GB ram

          • @superforever: How can you see that? :D

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              @pepy: The only 8GB version that was released in Australia was the 5G 256GB version, and those were discontinued a while back. There were also no dual sim versions released here. So if you're looking at an 8gb and/or dual sim version, it's a grey import.

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