Xbox Series S $499 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon AU has restocked Xbox Series S for $499 delivered.

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  • Wild how many of these have popped up on Gumtree for ~ $400, I wonder if people are impulse buying the only next gen console they can buy and then instantly regretting it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • You could say the same for the digital ps5. I'd say a few fair-3 of my friends bought them for their kids but they saw that digital games were so expensive and you couldn't use the physical disks either. 2 of them sold theirs while the other is just gathering dusk

      • Imagine not doing basic research on $599 purchase.

      • Digital PS5s are still listed above retail where I am, doubt they're getting it but who knows. I think if you want either of the cheaper consoles it's probably worth scouring the second hand market since they should still be well under warranty. At least until demand levels out and people stop buying them just because they're in stock.

      • At least Microsoft has Game Pass to justify a digital only console. Sony's only got $130RRP games at the moment.

    • I think that priced at $350 - $400 these things would be a great buy.
      I bought a XSS initially because I couldn't get an XSX.
      Coming from an XBox One S, it's a huge improvement.

      The storage space is an issue (especially with GamePass) but I think it's a really great gaming machine, just priced incorrectly.
      Currently it doesn't represent good value for money vs. the XSX.

      I have since bought an XSX which is of course technically better and allows me to play my physical games but if someone could pick up as XSS for $350-$400 on Gumtree I'd tell them to go for it.

      My XSS is currently on permanent loan to a friend and he's loving it.

      • Agree, I got one through Telstra and with staff discount worked out to be roughly ~$550 for console and gamepass ultimate for 24 months. Plus sold the old xbox one s for $300 last year in peak pandemic. If you can pick a XSS for ~400 or less, it's a great console, that's really fast with improved graphics and framerates. However worth noting I'm a casual gamer and thats why this appealed to me. If you need the best console go a XSX or PS5

  • OzRrP

  • Also available direct from Microsoft website for those who have the AMEX $100 cashback offer. Plus 1.5% SB cash back either Amazon or Microsoft.

    • And plenty of them sitting in Telstra stores all over the country (at least four in the locked glass display cabinet at World Square, Sydney).

      I got a post removed by the mods for trolling (700g loaves of bread at Woolworths for $0.50 less than last year) so I'm inclined to start thinking RRP posts for a readily available commodity item should probably get nuked too.

  • Need that Xbox X to give to that one work colleague who needs to be different

  • This has been available on most retailers sites for weeks. Harvey Norman, EB, JB etc all have this available at RRP…

    • But it's Amazon it's way better! It's been blessed by Jeff Bezos! And that's why they can't offer a cheaper price :D
      It's magic.

  • Pay another $100 and get a PS5 Digital if you want to go Digital only gaming this gen. At least with the PS5 you get a full fledged system and not half baked like this system. I know some people thinks Series S 1080p60hz is good enough but if it's only cost $100 more to get the 2160p60hz system. Why not?

  • This is a waste of money and a trap, storage is very small, with gamepass, you will end up buying the proprietary external ssd for $359, which is in the end, more expensive than XSX and less power.

    Better save a bit money and buy XSX or PS5, or if your really on a budget, go for PS5 digital.

    • if you only have one or two games playing at a time, what's the problem? why not install a game, play it, finish it and then remove it?