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[eBay Plus] Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner $489.60 Delivered @ Best Buy Australia eBay


The cheapest price I could find elsewhere was Appliances Central @ $530.00 (or $538.67 from The Good Guys with the 17% coupon), and even that was a fairly good deal with how much the price of Miele vacuum cleaners have shot up. I don't think this will come with free bags, so you will need to source that separately.

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  • Own one of these and had Dyson's over the years and feel like this picks up a tonne more.

  • If you buy via Bing Lee eBay you can get 2x Boxes of bags included

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      It's $509.15 through Bing Lee. More value to buy from this vendor and pickup a dedicated box of 4 with 2 filters for $24.95 from JBHIFI. Warranty might tilt it in favour of Bing Lee - but I'd recommend dealing directly with Miele anyway.

      • I bought this today from eBay Bing Lee for $509.15 and got 2 boxes of filters + bags. I think that's a better buy for an extra $20

    • Is this definitely available via the eBay store? I could see it advertised prominently on their direct website but not the eBay listing.

      Although I note the commenter above getting the free bags.

  • Agreed, for me in a carpet and wood floor home it is beyond amazing and can use it properly for the car. Best investment. Yes I have an old school V8 Dyson for quick cleanups after it charges for 5 hours on its built in battery so both are useful. But for power and deep cleaning and multiple hepafilters etc the Miele wins for me (personal choice).

  • Price has gone up a fair bit? I think I bought one around $330?

    • yikes that's a great deal, got mine for $400 about 2 years ago

    • They sure have - I paid $348 with a 20% off (those were the days) Ebay Plus promo at the start of 2020 from Bing Lee. Mum got one too. It was when they just introduced the latest air flow head and they had marked both the old and new models the same price. I picked up in store just to make sure got the latest. Then the prices skyrocketed as soon as Covid hit.

  • Most people don't realise you're just paying $200+ just for a couple attachments.

  • Dependence on bags makes this purchase a subscription. No thanks. Miele has bagless vacuums too, of course, at significant premium, of course.

    • Stay away from bagless Miele (Triflex model). The dust cannister design is a complete disaster.

      • Are you telling us the Germans genuinely can't design a quality vacuum without disposable bags/subscription revenue streams?

      • Thanks for the tip. My old Dyson is perfect, except, they decided to stop selling replacement filters. Original filter has lasted me 7 years. Can you suggest alternative bagless vacuum cleaner?

        • My experience with Dyson V11 has been better than the Miele Triflex. When buying bagless look very closely at cannister emptying process.

    • So you don't buy a car because you will need to change the tires? Tires are consumables so are vacuum cleaner bags. You can buy non Miele branded bags just like you can fit Bridgestones, Goodyears, Michelins tires on your car.

    • I bought 16 bags and 8 filters for $60 a year ago and haven't even gone through half of them. These bags hold a lot more than you think. You pay more on a netflix subscription and all you do is flick through the same crap over and over. At least you get your monies worth with the miele.

    • Bagged vacuums are so much tidier and less dusty. Huge difference for people who have allergies too.

    • No bagless gimmicks for us, a-thank-you.

      Suck it, trap it, chuck it.

  • Should come in handy next time it's raining cats and dogs.

  • Choice magazine has never recommended any Miele bagless vacuum and only few Dyson bagless vacuums for reason. They just don’t do as good job. This is verified by years of choice testing all sorts and varieties of vacuums.

    Bagged vacuums (generally) just do better job of sucking dust up and retaining it without expelling super fine particles back into the air.

    Having owned Dyson dc54 and Miele c3 cat and dog happy to pay for bags cause the Miele c3 just does better job in my humble opinion and based on everything I have read and researched.


    From few years ago but still relevant. The Dyson dc37c only scores 63% for deep clean on carpet. Where most of the Miele bagged vacuums get score of 74% to 80%.

    Miele s8 shown In document above is now Miele c3.

  • Odd. Only Miele owners have both a Miele and a dyson. There seems to be some justification for owning this that only Miele owners need.

    Personally I’d prefer convenience over hauling a heavy corded machine and having to worry about bags then worrying about picking up some super fine dust deep down in the carpet.

  • 500 for a vacuum cleaner?