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[VIC] Loacker Quadratini Wafers (Vanilla) 125g for $0.70 @ Woolworths


I saw these listed online for $0.70 using my local store and tried a few different Victorian stores and it's coming up with the same price.

Hopefully you can get it at this price. Sorry if it's only store specific.


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  • Showing $0.95 for me but still a great price. Thanks!

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    Quadratini Wafers

    Just be aware that although the title suggests these are squares,
    they are actually cubes…

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      Technically square cuboids or right square prisms in my experience as the height (through the layers) isn't quite the same as the other two dimensions.

      • Good point…

  • why are lockers so cheap? it's been like that for many months now.. are they going out of business?

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      Short-dated. Has been on sale for a while in the past few months.

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      why are lockers so cheap?

      At our gym, I think they do it to justify the high membership prices…

      • You gym, jv?

        • Yes.

          How much do you press?

    • because theyre junk wafers. cheap nasty wafers

    • Clearing overstock at the warehouse.

  • Check the best by date when you purchase. I bought two packets on special this week and when I got them home noticed the expiry was the end of this month.

    • It's BB Date, should be fine for the most part:)

  • This one always on special

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      Both the full pack ones and these bite size ones have been on special almost every week for at least 3 months. The full pack ones have been between 90c to $1 a lot and the expiry dates are pretty good, so must just be a high production run of them. Woolies has them for $1.50 but even that's expensive now because the bar has been set - $1 or less is the new normal.

      Dark chocolate 95c at the moment - https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/52003/loac...

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    terrible wafers even for free would not eat. bleeeeah!

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    Be ware the expired date, it must be close expired date

  • not sure if its nation-wide by my local (Applecross WA) had these. somewhat short-date between April 2021 & June 2021