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25% off F1TV - $26.25/Year (Normally $34.99/Year) @ Formula 1 Racing


25% off access to F1TV (non-Pro) for Australia and New Zealand, containing archive races, highlights of completed sessions, live timing.

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  • live races?

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      Nope. Only on the Pro version which still isnt available in Australia as Foxtel/Kayo hold the rights.

      This just seems kind of pointless compared to what offered around the rest of the world

    • Edit: Answered already

  • Aren't the races shown on Kayo?

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    Hamilton starts from pole - wins
    Rinse and repeat for the whole season as long as COVID doesn't come back.

    Alright deal though for those interested in it as long as you don't have Kayo.

    • Hamilton starts from pole - wins

      Last year they proved that you can actually stick any random in one of those Mercedes and get a start at the front of the grid lol!


      In other news, looks like you can finally start watching F1TV on the big screen:


      …just gotta wait for the Foxtel rights to expire next year to actually watch live and replays.

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        Yeah, turns out all the drivers are literally on the same level, just some cars are better than others.

        For George Russell to go from dead effing last to pole due to the change of car it kinda takes away from the shine of Hamilton's success

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          While there is plenty to dislike about Hamilton, he has been beaten twice in fourteen seasons by his team mate so it's a little more than just a good car!

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      Hamilton starts from pole - wins
      Rinse and repea

      He 'literally' craps over his opponents…

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    This seems like an insultingly crap product.

    What kind of fan is into F1 enough to fork out money for results etc.. but doesn't get to watch the actual races?

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      This isnt to watch the races.
      This is for people who wants the additional information while watching the race on Kayo/Foxtel
      As it says in the link

      Live leaderboard data
      Real time telemetry
      Best clips of team radio
      Live driver maps
      Tyre usage history

  • highlights of completed sessions

    How long after the session are thes ehighlights avialable?
    If there was a 3am race, could I watch it later that evening after work?

    • They usually release session highlights on YouTube within a few hours, not sure they’re any different, however

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    Just as an FYI - you can see live race timings/leaderboard and a live driver map through a Kayo subscription - along with race highlights afterwards. There are a number of different screens to select from when viewing a race - if you've got multiple screens you can access a large chunk of this stuff already through Kayo.

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    Pretty interested in the documentaries - will buy, thanks OP :)

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    I grabbed this with survey credit last year, but would have paid real cash as hearing team radio alone made it worth it for me.
    You hear some on the broadcast, but you hear a lot more during races via the app.

    The info on Kayo sounds great, but I have Foxtel sport for the 4k races, so this app is good to run along side the races.

    Thanks for the heads up on the price as I have been holding out for a new discount.