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Tamron 70-180mm F2.8 Di III VXD Lens for Sony FE $1670.40 ($1628.64 eBay Plus) Delivered @ digiDIRECT eBay


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Found this deal for the 70-180, cheapest ever for Aussie stock (grey import is around ~1300). Great lens!

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    Any reason not to just gray import? I feel like for lenses there are barely any scenarios where you'd need warranty.

    • I bought a Tamron 90mm some years ago from digital rev, out of the box it had issues with focusing where it just sounded like there was grit or something in the barrel as it focused. Was pretty stressful sending it back overseas for warranty as they were really dismissive of fault and threatened to charge me and hold my lens hostage if nothing was wrong. Took about 10 weeks but in the end I got a replacement.

      So yeah I’d pay for local stock.

      Most times once you add the 10% tax it works out similar anyway

      • Ah completely forgot about the 10% tax! I miss the times where no overseas sellers didn't charge GST… After factoring that in you're definitely right in saying that paying that little bit extra for local stock is well worth it

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      Great price for local stock. I picked this lens up a month ago grey for just over $1400 imported. For a $200+ saving over Aus stock I thought it was worth it. I kinda thought also that after the Tamron 2 year warranty is up there is no difference in a grey vs aus stock lens, they will both have same resale value. Great lens though regardless!

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        The warranty is really the thing. 2 years is not that long and it's like if you are lucky and your lens is fine, then grey is the way (most people seem to have copies of lens that are fine). I've ordered 2 grey lens over the years and they were both fine. If you order online, your package goes through the rigours of the postal system anyway for both grey and local so the chances of damage via transit is probably similar (grey will be longer time in transit). It is very different in the states where you get 6 years warranty for certain branded lenses. Wish we had that here. Sigma is also only 2 years warranty in Australia, which I wish was longer.

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